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Make the Freezer Your Friend

Make the Freezer Your Friend

Yes, I’m all for fresh ingredients but we all live busy lives and want to eat clean so this is where your freezer comes into play! Having ingredients or meals in the freezer means there’s no excuse to not to eat healthy PLUS it will cut down the number of shopping trips AND it helps reduce food waste! HOW GOOD!!⁠

A few of my favourite things to keep in the freezer are:⁠

* Herbs (place in ice cube tray with a bit of stock and use in stews/curries etc OR place in ice cube trays with some oil OR lay flat and freeze as is then stored in a container)

* Eggs and egg whites (crack into muffin molds and allow to defrost before using for baking etc). ⁠

* Raw or cooked (steamed, roasted, stir-fried) veggies⁠

* Cauliflower rice (raw or cooked)

* Zucchini noodles (raw or cooked)

Make sure you label everything in your freezer including what it is and the date it went into the freezer!
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