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Want a happy gut?
Collagen 101

Collagen 101

Acai Smoothie

If you ask any of the JB team what one of their absolutely-cannot-live-without-it health product is, 

the answer is, 


But not all is created equal.

Here in the clinic, I only use the absolute highest quality, practitioner-grade, clinically studied collagen peptides, so you can spend less and see better results, in just one simple step every day.

Collagen levels naturally start to decline from 18 years of age, progressing from DECREASING approximately 1% each year after 40 to 75% by the age of 80 (yikes).

Along with the performance of regular intense physical activity, other factors that can also accelerate the rate of collagen loss including oxidative stress, nutrient deficiencies, alcohol, smoking and hormone fluctuations.

Whatever the case, from plumping out fine lines, to stimulating healthy hair growth, strengthening nails, helping to seal the gut, reducing fat mass and lubricating joints, it truly is a miracle worker – Inside and out.

With daily use, it only takes a couple of weeks to start noticing the benefits, there’s never been a better time to get started. 

Shiny, healthy hair, dewy skin, lean muscles, strong nails await you.

Want to buy some? My fave is the practitioner grade collagen, you can shop this and some other favourites here

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