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2 Essential Things That Determine Your Health

2 Essential Things That Determine Your Health

I often have people ask me the question, how can I be healthier? A traditional response (and one that I suspect most people would expect) is ‘eat healthier, exercise more, get a good night’s sleep’. And while they are all relevant answers, my response is that there are two things that determine your health, it’s your mindset and your behaviour

It always begins with mindset because the mindset is what creates the potential for something to become. The mindset is always the precursor. It’s always the beginning. So today, look at things a little bit differently than before – have a different perspective, make something a little bit more positive than negative. If you begin to do something different today than you did yesterday, you’re going to ensure that tomorrow is a little bit healthier than today. And then the next day will be a little healthier than the next day, etc, etc. Ultimately we become better by thinking a little bit better and doing a little bit better than we did yesterday.

I am inspired by Louise Hay, a metaphysical lecturer and best selling author of You Can Heal your Life. Louise says look at yourself in the mirror daily – straight in the eye and thank your body and tell yourself how beautiful you are. All too often when we look at ourselves, we only see imperfections and we can get defensive and only see the probability not the possibility. Once we can really look at ourselves with unconditional love then all that love can spread to the people around us which will positively affect relationships, at home and at work. Does that make sense to you?

The body is an amazing thing. It has systems designed to help it heal. And those systems can be nurtured by the way you think about them and then by the way you act upon them. Understanding this is so empowering.

You just have to be clear about what it is that you want and not focus on what you have because when you’re clear about what you want, it’s much easier to get. One of the things I teach people is how to actually ask for what you want and not what you don’t want. For example ‘I want clear, radiant skin’ rather than ‘I want to get rid of my acne’. Can you see the difference? The energy around these words are just so completely different. One has resistance and one is so free, full of hope. You’re reinforcing what you want with this choice of words, with this choice of mindset.  

But I’ve learned that mindset is only part of the equation of getting the results you want. There’s a lot of people that would tell you, ‘yeah, I’m thinking more

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