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Tri-Mag Supreme Night Powder 240gm

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Supports muscle relaxation. Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to induce sleep

TriMag Supreme™ Night Powder is a unique blend of three highly absorbable forms of magnesium along with relaxation-supportive botanicals to help provide restful sleep*. One serving provides 313 mg of elemental magnesium in an easy-to-mix powder. This product contains botanicals that may support a healthy response to stress and help support sleep quality and duration*. TriMag Supreme™ Night has a delicious lavender and lemon flavour.

  • Supports muscle function and relaxation.
  • Helps to induce sleep and relieve sleeplessness.
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of stress.
  • Helps relax the nervous system.
  • Maintains nervous system function.
  • Provides 313 mg of magnesium from three sources of magnesium for enhanced physiological effect – amino acid chelate, glycerophosphate and orotate.
  • Includes therapeutic doses of Lavender, Passionflower and California poppy