How to Make Nutritious, Delicious Soups

Learn how to make the most out of your warming soup.

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Let’s talk about SOUP!! As the weather cools down and lots of snotty noses around nothing beats a wholesome, warm soup on a freezing wintery day!! Soups are also a great way to add heaps of veggies into your lunch or dinner! I think traditionally soup has been seen as a ‘diet food’. On the contrary, I look at it as a way to have a balanced meal, but take the pressure of digestion as a lot of it is already pre-digested. Soups do get a pretty bad wrap as many think they won’t fill them up so that’s why I am here to give you a few quick tips on how to master a filling, wholesome soup!! ⁠

Here are my top 4 tips on making a nutritious and delicious soup!⁠

1. Make sure you’re having a balanced meal. Add meat or a source of protein – which counts as your fats and protein. This will keep you really satisfied. Tonight I had a precooked chicken breast and sliced it up and stirred it through a blended veggie soup – YUM! Meatballs are also so good and a family fave.⁠

2. Use lots of green and non-starchy veggies. These are really fibrous, so really good for detoxification as they sweep toxins out of the body. ⁠

3. Add a good quality stock or bone broth and lots of good quality sea salt! Minerals, minerals, minerals. Minerals are the spark plug of our cells and most of us are really depleted. ⁠

Want some delicious soup recipes? Check out my recipe collection here.

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