The Feel Better
Executive Health Program

Imagine what it would feel like to have somebody guide and support you in feeling better, looking better, leading better and living better?

Imagine having encouragement and support along with personalized step-by-step guidance on identifying your health challenges, and addressing them positively, pragmatically and proactively.

Imagine having an instructor you trust who has helped thousands of smart, talented, successful women regain their energy, clarity, health, confidence and power.

You don't have to imagine it, Jackie Bowker delivers it.

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Private wellbeing coaching

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Are You Wondering If This Is Right For You?
Well It Is If You:

Feel or look older than you actually are. 

Can't go to sleep, stay asleep or get a restful sleep

Have brain fog and can't focus the way you need to at work or at home

You run out of energy easily and frequently feel exhausted

Don't fit into any of your favourite clothes

You wake up in sweat and never know when the next hot flush is coming

You feel off and not yourself, but your test results come back 'normal'

If so, you will feel like you have come home with this program. Because you will finally get the answers you seek. Get the caring guidance you deserve and get the transformational results you have wanted for a long time and not gotten.

Jackie's commitment to helping, supporting me, having my back and encouraging me has been above and beyond passionate and beyond the call of duty. She has changed the way I connect and communicate with my physical and emotional bodies. Her eating plans are phenomenal and delicious. Tricks of the trade along with the most potent nutritional supports available in Aus... Once Jackie has you as a client you will be one for life! 


The protocol Jackie created for us, guided by what our bodies were craving, literally changed our body shapes, stopped snoring and congestion, found and solved gut issues we didn’t know existed and changed the way we thought about food, nutrition and supplements. I couldn’t recommend introducing Jackie and the team to your family more highly and I am so relieved to have the team as part of our family’s health care. 


I can’t recommend Jackie Bowker highly enough! Her method works 100%. I would not waste my money or time with other practitioners who are just guessing what’s wrong with you. Jackie gets to the root cause of the problem and gives you the right diet recommendations and supplements to fix your health issue.


Just like these incredible clients

Ten years ago, I was a  successful corporate executive.

I understand what it's like to be incredible at what you do but not know how to look after yourself so you can feel, look and live better.

Find out why hundreds of high performing women use my system to get their energy back, rebalance their hormones and weight without restrictive diets or excessive exercise.

i can help because i've been there

I know how to help you.

How It Works

Reprogram limiting beliefs and negative self talk to release the past and accelerate your progress.

Part 1

Identify the true root causes of what's compromising your wellbeing - addressing, fixing and preventing it from reoccurring.

Part 2

Personalized strategy that is in alignment with your needs, wants and goals.

Part 3

Why is it that I have been able to help clients get results they haven't been able to get elsewhere using my proprietary step-by-step system?

Most people think feeling better is hard...

That you need

Restrictive diets

Excessive exercise

Expensive gadgets

Lifelong medication

I'm here to tell you - YOU DON'T!
What if I told you it didn't have to be that way. There's a better way. In our work together, we personalize your plan to fit into your busy lifestyle so you can focus on being even more incredible than you already are. 

Replace your sugar cravings & irritability with limitless joy and energy. More than you thought possible.

How does this sound?

Fill your wardrobe with your dream dresses that fit effortlessly and make your heart happy.



the results you're going to get:

Create a culture of love and kindness to yourself and those around you.


Addressing imposter syndrome and self doubt so you feel confident at work, home, online and in public.


Create a culture of striving to feel better - in your health, career and relationships.


Remote, advanced kinesiology testing to determine your body's priorities

Comprehensive, personalized health assessment and analysis

Integrative health analysis and interpretation personalized video

Comprehensive toxicity assessment and analysis

Diet journal assessment and analysis

Functional laboratory testing allowance

Access to holistic executive health care that is unrivalled in the market. What's included:


Communication style DISC assessment and analysis

Ongoing personalized holistic protocol

10% discount off practitioner grade personalized supplements

Meal plans, recipes, shopping lists

Blood chemistry assessment and analysis

Functional laboratory testing and analysis (DNA stool, food sensitivity, DUTCH hormone)

Private & group high performance transformation sessions 

Not everyone is the right fit for us. 
We offer unrivalled functional medicine and mindset alignment, together with coaching to get you the transformation you deserve. We do this by determining what's holding you back, and rebalancing your body using our proven, proprietary process. 

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