29: Understanding Eating Outs Effects On Your Weight, Gut, Energy, Sleep & Hormones with Jackie Bowker

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Many people have a fear of eating out, worrying that the food will make them feel sick.

In today’s Mini Dose, Jackie will dispel your restaurant woes by sharing the three most common mistakes people make when eating out.

She’ll guide you through her proven GET better process:

G(ut)—reducing inflammation

E(ating)—eating real food

T(houghts)—standing up for what you want

There was a time when Jackie would go to restaurants and regret it the next day. Now, she knows how to create a better experience for herself.

Are you ready to join her?

Key Topics and Takeaways:

  • Why what we eat matters.
  • The effect of thoughts on your reality.
  • The reason you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for menu alterations.
  • Becoming clear on what you want.
  • The connection between the brain and gut.
  • What eating real food really means.

Memorable Quotes:

“Food should be celebrated. Real food nourishes our beautiful temple, our temple, our body is our trillion-dollar machine.” (2:25, Jackie)

“If there’s one thing that you take from this chat today and it’s to remove the gluten and the grains when you’re eating out.” (3:39, Jackie)

“If you look at the ingredients in a packet, you’ll see lots of non-descript items that you don’t know what they are. So that is your cue to run and not eat that food.” (4:50, Jackie)

“If we’re not clear with ourselves, how can we possibly expect other people around us to know what we want?” (7:17, Jackie)

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29: Understanding Eating Out Effects On Your Weight, Gut, Energy, Sleep & Hormones with Jackie Bowker

[00:00:00] It’s a question I get asked from my audience all the time. What should I eat when I’m out? And there’s this fear around food, which is just the exact opposite of what we want, because food to be celebrated, real food nourishes, our beautiful temple, our temple, our body is our trillion dollar machine. That really nobody taught us how to use.

So today I’m going to share the three common mistakes that people make when they eating out. I use my proven get better process is so easy to remember G for gut health, E for Eat Real Food, and T for your thoughts. I’m going to explain that in terms of the three mistakes.

Hi there. Welcome to the field better now, podcast. I’m your host, Jackie [00:01:00] Bowker. And if you’ve arrived here, no, there is something in here to spark yourself to create a bit of future in your help in your current. In your relationships, both yourself. And for those around you, just one small action step at a time with so much love and gratitude to be your guide.

Let’s get started.

Jackie back. I’m confused. What should I eat when I’m eating at? There was a time when I would eat out at cafes and restaurants and come home feeling absolutely horrible and even worse. Barely could drag my feet out of bed. The next day we have a tendency to eat out and almost instantly regretted, even though deep down, we really know that we didn’t want the food anyway and still had it.

So why is this? Why don’t we go with the flow? Right. Speak up and make our own [00:02:00] experience. The very best experience we possibly can just to either keep the peace or to not be seen as being like the painful person who often asked for changes to the menu. I know it’s quite funny. People often don’t even like standing next to me now when I was sent, when I’m ordering from a menu, there’s a lot of eye-rolling, but listen, I feel really passionate about this topic and it’s a question I get asked from my.

All the time. What should I eat when I’m out? And there’s this fear around food, which is just the exact opposite of what we want, because food should be celebrated. Real food nourishes, our beautiful temple, our temple, our body is our trillion dollar machine. That really, nobody taught us how to use. And I’m on this planet to empower people with the knowledge of how to use their body.

So today I’m going to share. Three common mistakes that people make when they’re eating out. I use my proven [00:03:00] get better process is so easy to remember G for gut health aid for eating and T for your thoughts. And I’m going to explain that in terms of the three mistakes. So mistake number one, G for gut health, eating for.

Got health is so important, the gut and the brain, and those of you that know me have heard me say this so many times, the gut and the brain where one, all game it’s just one grew up and one grew down. So what we eat really, really matters. So mistake number one, when you’re eating out is eating gluten. And grains.

If there’s one thing that you take from this chat today and it’s to remove the gluten and the grains, when you’re eating out and you will do so much better, no matter what else is in the food, if you remove those two things. So if you can remember gee for gut health, Jeff equipment and gray and grains, you are going to be doing so well, we have a tendency to.

[00:04:00] Harm our body, whether it’s intentional or not intentional, we are really harming our body with the foods that we eat, which brings me to my second point that EI in get E stands for eat real food. And what is real food? Real food is the opposite to process foods. Real foods are foods that are grown in the ground that you can pick from a tree.

If you choose to eat animal products that you can hunt. So these are the foods, the human body was designed. Two eight, and I cannot tell you how much I need to do at the scene. I’ve just come back from a trip. And I was in supermarkets in America, and even I was in organic supermarkets and trolleys were being filled with boxed cereals, juices, lots and lots of foods in packets.

And if you look at the ingredients in a packet, you’ll see lots of non-descript items that you don’t know what they are. So that is your cue to [00:05:00] run and not eat that food. Eating real food means you concentrate on fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, foods like olives and avocados animal products. If you choose to eat them like fish and chicken, eggs and mates.

So. Plenty of food so we can focus on what does this mean to restaurant? This means protein and sides. I find it so easy to eat out. Yes. I have to make some alterations. Yes. The menu is limited because I choose to eat a certain way, but that’s because I’m choosing to eat real food. I’m choosing to eat foods that nourish my body.

I’m choosing to eat foods that give me energy. That may be extraordinary. That helped me to grow and expand. That helped me to focus and have productivity as opposed to what I’m seeing now, which is a plethora of disease, which is people not being able to sleep children with a lot of attention deficit disorders, imbalances [00:06:00] like anxiety and overwhelm and.

The gut health with eating for your gut eating real food. We can really, really look at reducing those symptoms. These are just messages that your body is not happy with what you are putting in it. So the E is for ate real food. A really great example. I was working with a client today. Let’s call her Sally and Sally.

Set because her husband was ordering takeout for her thinking. He was doing probably thinking he was doing a really nice thing. She would come downstairs after putting the children to bed and find that her husband had ordered her dinner. So you could perceive that situation. Awesome. I’ve got dinner already.

For me. She, however was frustrated. She was irritated. She was looking at the food that was ordered for her, the burritos, and she didn’t want them. She knew she wouldn’t feel good about them, but she didn’t say anything, which brings me to the [00:07:00] third mistake, which is the T in get, which is thoughts, thoughts, create things, thoughts, create your reality.

So. If we don’t speak up, if we don’t speak up about what we want, if we are not clear, sometimes we’re not even clear what we want in our, in our cells. So if we’re not clear with ourselves, how can we possibly expect other people around us to know what we want? We made a really simple action plan for Sally.

We agree that we would look at the top three menus because her husband often ordered for her. He was thinking that he was probably doing a really nice thing, not knowing that she was really upset by the situation. We made a list of the top foods that are real food from her favorite restaurants that her husband loves to order from.

And then he gets what he wants. She gets what she wants. And more importantly, her body feels nourished. She feels great. She slips through the night. She wakes up. She’s not puffy, she’s not inflamed. And she’s got more [00:08:00] energy because she’s actually giving her body what she wants. But also she spoke up about it.

So she’s got her list. Sally’s favorite foods. Her husband knows exactly what to order. Everybody’s happy, happy wife, happy life as they does anyone agree. And when we looked at these menus together, The first menu was Mexican. I love Mexican. And the first item on the menu was prawns. And the second element and the menu was bare Monday.

So I was just salivating. I was having so much fun with these menus. People send me menus all the time. So I know that this must be a topic that’s on people’s minds and I want to. Really distill the fear out of the situation of eating out, because we really want to come back to if we’re eating real food and we can just make some simple changes to the way we eat.

If we can speak up and just ask for those alterations to make it easy for us. Let me tell you something. When you’re at a restaurant or a [00:09:00] cafe, those restauranters and people in the food industry, they want you to have the most amazing experience. That it wants you to eat a meal, wishing that it was different or wishing that you didn’t have it, or wishing that it was something else.

If you use the tea and get your thoughts to become words and you speak up and you stand up for yourself and you actually are clear about what you want, that might mean. No moderation, like, can I have this crumb fish, but could you make it grilled instead? Or could you make it gluten-free or could I have this dish without the rice?

Or could I have this steak with the sauce on the side? So there’s a really simple changes that will actually make a big difference. They’ll move the needle for your experience for how you feel. Before during and after the meal and when you’re eating what you want and really enjoying yourself, you’ll actually be a better person.

So the people around you are going to enjoy you better. [00:10:00] You’re going to be more likely to be very complimentary to the staff who went over and above to over deliver to you what you actually wanted. You’re more likely to leave a raving review or tell other people. So you’re actually gifting this restaurant, not only the joy of your feedback, of how much you enjoy.

But also leaving them a review because they over-delivered for you. That actually helps you build that business. And all of the Goodwill that’s associated with you enjoying that meal with the people that you’re with, enjoying your company with you, passing on feedback to the restaurant or the cafe with them having a good experience, because they’ve received some positive feedback with you helping to build the business of the cafe or the restaurant.

Can you say how. I’m feeling the weld with more joy and more abundance, rather than you eating something that you wish you hadn’t, because you didn’t speak up because you weren’t clear on what you wanted because you didn’t respect yourself enough to say something and then go to bed [00:11:00] or puffy or grumpy, you know, you might wake up sometimes I’d wake up three kilos heavier and that’s three kilos of fluid.

Let me tell you that feels horrible. It feels yucky in your body and it takes. Days or weeks for the body to do its thing and move that fluid back out of the system. Have you ever woken up feeling hung over when you haven’t even drank the night before? That’s the food that you’re eating that is covered in gluten and grains and sugars and processed oils and all that sort of thing.

So what you’ve learned today is to focus on three mistakes that you might be making when you’re eating out G. Aiding for gut health, remove the gluten and the grains, and you’re removing so much inflammation. You’re removing so much fuel from the fire. You will wake up feeling so much better and just know what you’re doing is so good for your gut mistake.

Number two. Eating processed food. So focus on eating real [00:12:00] food, food that is grown from the ground food that can be picked real whole unprocessed foods and at a restaurant, that means usually you’re going to be sticking to protein and side. So I love a fish paired with like a side of greens or a slow there’s.

Some of my favorite things to eat. I eat them because I want them, I eat them because they nourish me. I then, because they make me feel really good. And the T the third mistake. Boards. This is about not standing up for what you really want. So your words represent your beliefs. So get clear on your thoughts and get clear on what you want.

And this is the key to intuitive eating as well. If you really listen, your body will let you know. I feel like, and your body’s super smart. So what you feel like is actually, if you feel like the fish, your body is probably needing the healthy omega threes from the fish, or maybe your body’s really needing that dose of protein.

[00:13:00] If you’re feeling. Steak, there’s other really good things in a steak, higher zinc, Kyle and I, and high in protein. So listen to the messages and then look at when you’re eating out, look at the menu. And if there’s something that you like, or that you’re drawn to and attracted to the resonates with you really get into that.

And if there’s a modification that needs to be made. Don’t be afraid to speak up because those people are there. They want you to have the most amazing experience. They’ll tell you if they can do it, or if they can’t most places now really do understand catering for dietary modifications. So please give them the gift of speaking up.

Now, speaking of amazing food and extra ordinary experiences, I am super excited to announce that in August I am running. Four day immersive transformational program at a celebrity venue in Byron bay, new south Wales. This venue is where Nicole Kidman filmed her recent Netflix series nine. [00:14:00] Perfect strangers.

I am so excited to really give you a piece of myself and where you can be in tropical paradise. Accelerate your growth, your expansion as a person. Read. Revitalize and really learn some simple practical action steps that can make a huge difference to helping you save time, save money, rebuild your body, your mind, the organ, and learn how to use this trillion dollar machine that nobody taught us how to use in school.

I am so passionate about that. Asphalt’s are incredibly limited. This is an intimate space. So if you would like more information, I would love to hear from you. It’s a yes, yes. For me. So contact me at Jackie at feel better. institute.com. I would love to hear from you and I can send you some more information.

I would love you to come and hang out with me and get your transformation study.

If [00:15:00] you made it to the end of this episode, celebrate yourself because it means you are truly dedicated to feeling better in your health, in your career, in your relationships. And I am so proud of you. And if you want more. Feel better now. So tuning every Monday for new episodes and join our community on Instagram at Jackie Barker for all the behind the scenes action and more.

Hey, why don’t you sign up for a chance to have your question answered@fieldfitbitinstitute.com slash signup. That’s feel better. institute.com/signup, but most. Please keep reaching to feel better because the world needs you to feel good. So you can share that very special gift that only you have. So with that said you soon here’s to feeling better now bye-bye


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