27: The Importance of the Gut’s Effect on your Weight, Energy and Hormones with Jackie Bowker

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According to Jackie Bowker, poo is a window into the soul.

In today’s mini dose episode, Jackie talks all about gut health and how you can empower yourself around the knowledge of what ends up in the toilet.

She’ll give you easy practices to heal and seal the gut lining, so you can deepen your access to your intuition and creativity.

Jackie will encourage you to use your pain as a tool to figure out what might be wrong with your body, so you can feel better once and for all.

After this episode, no longer will you want to sit in pain with an unhealthy gut, but take action instead! 

Key Topics and Takeaways:

  • Jackie shares her personal gut health story.
  • Tools to balance the gut.
  • Why pain isn’t always just a bad thing.
  • The reasons you should educate yourself about gut health.
  • Taking action on your pain.
  • The positive benefits of healing the gut.

Memorable Quotes:

“Poo is a window into your soul. It’s a window into what’s going on for your body.” (1:02, Jackie)

“Even nutritionists have got issues, people, let me tell you that.” (3:18, Jackie)

“If we are living with pain, if we are living with symptoms, they are simply messages that our body is giving us.” (5:00, Jackie)

“Have you ever sat there and just put up with pain? I really implore you to take action and do something about it.” (11:52, Jackie)

“What is going on in your hot mess of a gut is what is going on in your brain.” (13:12, Jackie)

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27: The Importance of the Gut’s Effect on your Weight, Energy and Hormones with Jackie Bowker

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