22. Hacks For Your Hormones For High Performance with Dr. Anna Cabeca

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In today’s episode, triple-board certified OB-GYN Dr. Anna Cabeca shares with you how to claim this life and move into a place where you feel good on all levels. 

An expert on hormones, Dr. Anna will teach you how to manage the levels within your body so you can thrive.

By getting back to the basics and taking care of the root cause, you can rid yourself of the multitude of symptoms around a hormonal imbalance. 

Through her deep wisdom and advice, you’ll walk away from this episode ready to be your best coach.

Key Topics and Tips

  • The importance of pause.
  • Why so many people are going through burnout.
  • Dr. Anna shares her personal health journey.
  • The different types of hormones and how they work.
  • How our thoughts communicate with bacteria.
  • The Keto-Green diet.
  • Prioritizing fun. 

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Memorable Quotes

“There’s magic in the pauses of our life.” (11:03, Dr. Anna)

‘We have to work with mother nature, not against her.” (22:31, Dr. Anna)

“When we address these underlying issues, then our hormones play better together.” (24:29, Dr. Anna)

“When we’re healthy, there’s not chaos around us, there’s order.” (26:40, Dr. Anna)

“My focus is on helping women speak in a way that is empowering and that they can look at themselves and say, what a rock star you are.” (28:27, Jackie)

“I really want to see moms and daughters having the discussion about our hormone changes about menopause. And I want daughters to help their moms hold that safe container to support them through this transition, too.” (33:55, Dr. Anna)

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22. Hacks For Your Hormones For High Performance with Dr. Anna Cabeca

[00:00:00] If there’s one lesson that you would teach your daughter right now, if she was feeling really low and out of control, what would that be? I focus on the positive that you are precious. You are blessed, you are good and not, and even better than that. Right. I see this in my daughters. I know this in myself, like we’re the hardest critics of ourselves.

Self-conscious I’m like, laugh it off. Laugh at yourself more. Just wave your crazy flag. I mean, have fun.

Hi there. Welcome to the field better now, podcast. I’m your host, Jackie Balca. And if you’ve arrived here, no, there is something idiot. Fuck yourself. To create a bit of. In your help in your career, in your relationships, both yourself. And for those around you, just one small action step at a time with so much love and gratitude to be your [00:01:00] guide.

Let’s get started.

Hi, everyone. Jackie, back in here, we have such an incredible guests, uh, extremely wise and talented girlfriend, Dr. Anna Cabeca to Anna is a best-selling author, triple board certified OB GYN. I love that she recently delivered her own grandchild. How many of us can say that? Her latest book, menu, pause, such a great name, gives actionable plans and insights and delicious recipes.

So yummy. And it’s all about helping women live their very best lives and move through their different life stages. Gracefully perimenopause and menopause are not phases that we need to suffer through. Dr. Anna and I are both. So like-minded and passionate about. 40 medicine. You do not want to miss this.

We have so much fun. Enjoy [00:02:00] welcome. Welcome the Dr. Anna. Cabeca so glad to have you on the show today. It is great to be here with you, Jackie. Thank you for having. Absolute pleasure, Dr. Anna, we have surveyed over 12,000 people around the world on their energy, and they’re telling us seven out of 10 people are experiencing some sort of hormonal issue, including low libido night sweats, irregular cycle flushing.

My goodness. This is overwhelming. What we’re doing is not working. What do you think about this? I think that this is a stage of the time when we have been through such a pandemic and cortisol, like our stress hormone sucks, our reproductive hormones dry, and that creates all these GYN issues, the irregular cycles and the breakthrough bleeding and struggles with fertility and then the neurologic issues.

At the same time, the brain fog, the mood swings, anxiety, the [00:03:00] anhedonia, right? The lack of pleasure. Healing. And this is a physiologic issue and I have experienced it myself. And if I seriously, if I didn’t know, give me how would I say our mess becomes our message. That is so true. That is so true. And it is an energy problem because hormones are energetic and we are reproductive hormones.

Are those hormones that build us up that, you know, give us, you know, they get up and go in the morning and we are. Emptying that tank so quickly now. So we have to re set and replenish so that we can have this amazing we can re-energize and it’s absolutely possible. It’s absolutely possible. Very quick. I love what you’re saying.

And I love what you’re saying about the empty tank. I talk a lot about being exhausted, being burnt out. We’re seeing 75% of people are now reporting. They’re been burnt out enough that the world [00:04:00] health organization are classifying it as an occupational phenomenon. And then that classification just blew my mind.

So you’ve written a few incredible bestselling books, the latest, which I can’t put down menu pores. Tell me why you wrote this book, working with women and going through my own journey, which the answer to it, like the answer to that burnout brain fog, mood swings, weight gain, without doing anything different.

And really that I had PTSD. I burnt out, I burnt out it in my forties and my mid forties and really struggled. And the answer to that is what I call this keto green way of, of living that I talk about with intermittent fasting, no more snacking. Optimizing the most powerful hormone in our body. And that is oxytocin, the hormone of love and connection, and that I do eating healthy foods and keto green foods.

So lots of greens, plant-based foods out colonizers herbs, right? Plant like plant [00:05:00] medicine foods. Also healthy fats and high quality protein that we’re getting enough protein to give us that energy. So in this keto green community that I’ve created and in working with women, especially in perimenopause and beyond, it was that when someone gets stuck, what’s going on, like this is foundational, but when we get stuck, what else is going on?

So there are these five different pauses or interruptions that I would have my clients do that would help them break through that stumbling block or break through the plateau and gets their next level of health. And so that’s where I created many paws at a fun name also to start the conversation around hormone changes.

And I like to say there’s magic in the positive, right? So that we can embrace that and not be afraid. Like this is the way we have to do this forever, or what are we, you know, my have to fast, forever. Do I have to do any of these things forever? And I know we can [00:06:00] make little pauses and create interruptions and really heal our body from so many reasons that we can get stuck.

The other thing, Jackie is that sometimes we get in these camps were in the KIDO camp or when their paleo camp or when the vegan camp and, you know, the extended fasting or OMAD camp or whatever it may be. And we get stuck and we realized that, well, our body, there are seasons for a reason, intuitively I really feel strongly about.

Taking these transition times, you know, looking at different ways to disrupt what our body’s gotten used to and in that way, creating stronger health and immune system and healing. Okay. I completely agree. And I like that you talk about plateaus and pauses. Dr. Anna, tell me a story about a patient. And I think a lot of people can relate to this, that.

Experienced a weight loss plateau, and we know that having a healthy weight is linked to [00:07:00] longevity and being well. What did she do under your guidance to move through that weight loss plan? Yeah. So I thinking of a client named Mary and she’s amazing, amazing woman runs a marketing company and she has three amazing children, a youngest in high school, getting ready to go to college and the other two in college and here getting ready to experience this empty nesting.

And really struggling, struggling with depression, struggling with brain fog, struggling with mood swings and irregular cycles. And I was like, okay, we have to, we have to shift what we’re doing here. And so with Mary, one of the things I did in this kind of to Greenway is start just simply starting the day.

I will say, like this, what does your day look like? And the way we start our day, Sets the theme for the day, instead of jumping out of bed, right onto the treadmill, or, you know, grabbing that cup of coffee, let’s start the day intentionally with something [00:08:00] that increases oxytocin. Now, sex increases oxytocin.

That’s always a good one, but also gratitude. What am I grateful for? Where do I see love in my life? Where do I feel love? Where do I love in my life? And focus on that. And then, you know, part of the key to Greenway is that intermittent fasting, when you get up in the morning, it’s to hydrate really, really well.

And then when you break fast, you’re having the healthy fats. So the keto green fats. So for example, avocado was smoked salmon with capers and some sauteed greens or on a bit of irreg, a rugala and you know, I love that cause you’ve got the healthy fats, high quality protein, the alkalinizes in there, the fiber and your blood sugar.

Stay steady. It’s not going to do this up and down thing. And so, you know, you then, you know, pause, you have a pause in the middle of the day and then have your next meal, which would be keto green and do your exercise. Whichever works. If I don’t do my exercises in the morning, [00:09:00] it just doesn’t get done as much as I’d love to take an evening something yoga class, you know, it gets crossed off my list more times than I like to remember.

And so it is vetting that intention for the day and then your evening, whatever your evening ritual looks like, so that you are not eating late at night, because one of the things we know, and especially in the case of, uh, Mary, she was like 10 o’clock at 11 o’clock at night, going for the almond butter, going for the banana, going for the snacks in the middle of the night.

And I said, okay, add that to your evening meal and be really full and satisfied. Carbs though, because that’s going to create that craving in the middle of the night and then just wait a couple hours at least to eat before seven. The research has shown that the meals we eat, if we eat the same meal at 7:00 PM, compared to 5:00 PM, our body’s going to increase the secretion of insulin by as much as 40 to 70% more.

In other words, that same caloric intake is [00:10:00] going into storage mode is going into fat and storage and glycogen. So. We have to eat earlier in the evening. Definitely not that eight o’clock nine o’clock 10 o’clock meal. As we, especially as our metabolism shifting as our hormones are shifting and we really need to keep that time to rest, to digest early so that when we’re sleeping, it’s solid sleep and repairative sleep repairative and restore.

And so I also, with Mary, I did do bioidentical progesterone, and I did supplement with adrenal adaptogens. That’s my mighty maca plus formula that I swear saved my life, 30 super foods together. And I’ve learned several of these super foods when I was traveling part of my healing journey. And I was in Australia, actually went to this amazing retreat living valley retreat in Cancun, Australia.

And that’s one of the places I learned not to drink with our. And it makes perfect sense, right? If we drink with our meals more than four or six ounces or [00:11:00] whatever, we’re diluting our digestive enzyme, creating all this gastric distress and extra bloating, and that contributes more to a dysbiosis imbalanced gut bacteria.

And we need that healthy gut bacteria for estrogen detoxification. So that was one of those things I’ve learned around the world that I didn’t learn in med school and residency. That I learned from Australia, plus some of the superfoods that I added into my formula. And so within like seriously, within six to eight weeks, number one, her periods were asymptomatic.

She didn’t have the PMs symptom. She didn’t have the mood swings and she’s like, okay. One of the best things was that she was initiating sex again, too, with her. It’s been of 24 years. And that was a big shift because she had an initiated sex in months and actually years in this relationship. And one of the things she said is that her cravings were gone.

She had more energy, she slept better and she was more even keel. So I love Mary story [00:12:00] because here she was on the. Like breakdown on the verge of break. And I see this a lot in my empty nesters and they’re like, what’s going on? I’m like, well, you finally have time for a nervous breakdown. I just so true.

But you’re on that. You’re like going, going, going, and you have this space and all of a sudden you’ve been living on that cortisol edge. You have to do it. You have to work more, you have to work harder. You have to take care of a, B and C and D, then all of a sudden. And then the cortisol is like, okay, you don’t need me to do all this right now.

And you plumb it. You get that. You can experience that complete hormone disruption for. Oh, I completely agree. It’s like when you go on a holiday and you become unwell, or a lot of my clients will start their program and we’re rebuilding their gut and they’ll get a huge code. And they’re like, oh, I caught a call from somewhere.

I’m like, this is your body. Like detoxing, like getting rid of all that mucus and everything coming out. This is opening up your detox channels. And actually allowing like [00:13:00] unclogging the toilet. I’m like, you’re like a clogged toilet. Like how do we unclog those? And I love that you are a conventionally trained doctor and now you practice very holistically.

I think that’s so special in so many ways, especially how courageous it is to have that training. And now, so open to learning things that you didn’t learn in medical school. Tell me more about. Yeah, well, it is that part of when my doctor’s bag was empty for me when I was 39, diagnosed with premature, ovarian failure, early menopause and infertility.

And I was told the only option for me was, was egg donation, which wasn’t an option for me at the time. And part of my healing journey around the world was this opening my eyes to the body’s immense capacity to heal itself. And when I was in. Uh, part of this journey after Australia went to Indonesia and I met this Indonesian healer, and we talked about eat, pray love before we started.

And [00:14:00] I hadn’t read the book or heard of it at that time, but I bet you that the healer from was the same that she writes about in eat, pray love. And he looked at me and he put his hand on my head. Tender. And he goes, what’s wrong with you? And I said, I’m in fertile. My ovaries are shot. I mean, I’ve seen them on ultrasound.

They’re like shriveled up almonds and they should be healthy looking woman’s right. That’s the size of the Avarian different than I failed the highest dose, my overused in a response to the highest dose of injectable meds. And my head was real tender when he touched it. And I said, well, what what’s going on?

And he said, you worry too much. So I worry too much. He goes, your ovaries are fine. You worry too much. Now you’re talking to a scientist, a physician trying to one of the best institutions in OB GYN in the world. And you’re saying what you can, my ovaries are fine. I worry too. Crack head. I mean, what are you saying to me?

But let me tell you, in a, in a couple months later I was pregnant. Don’t Jenna, [00:15:00] all the pieces. I say, God took me on that journey. All the pieces came together and this is where I’ve spent hundreds of thousand dollars on my medical education and some of the prime years of my life to do what I write about, which is empower women through food as medicine, lifestyle, and natural intervention.

And that makes all the difference. I’m 55 now with a 14 year old and a new grandbaby from my 25 year old. And I didn’t live yourself by the way. I want you to tell everyone that that is so special. You can live at your grandchild. I did in a birthing center and it was an amazing, amazing experience. And, and I think in about this today, I said, God, I’m dancing with my granddaughter.

Cause my daughter ran an errand and I’m dancing. Seven weeks, but I’m playing music, dancing with her, getting ready, having a blast, getting ready to go out on a date tonight and do my boot scooting, scoop booting or whatever. My two-stepping at a country Western bar here in [00:16:00] Dallas, and I’m like, hi, great.

I’m just feeling so blessed where just, gosh, eight years ago I was in the pits of hell. I was struggling. I was burnt out. I was near broke and my relationships were a mess. And to go from that, to where I am now, it is, that’s why I want to tell everyone about it. It, without these tools, without natural intervention, like I say, we have to work with mother nature, not against her.

And certainly I will still prescribe, I would still operate if I needed to, but there’s so much our body can do to heal it. We are. So like-minded in so many ways data, but I think it’s really a special that you’re saying that. And what I read was that you’ve gone from two to three surgeries a week to two to three surgeries a year.

And so I think it’s so important that people really investigate and explore who your team is like, who’s looking after you, but you are in control of that. Like, [00:17:00] Seek out that information and understand more about your body. So I love the work that you’re doing because it is empowering. Knowledge is power.

It is, it is. And a few of the things like I went from doing two to three surgeries per week to two to three meeting to do two to three major surgeries per year I’ve since closed my medical practice. And I consult, I do position to position. Consult. And I consult with some of the best longevity practices in the country, but one of the things that I really like in the case of Mary, like she could have easily been on antidepressants, how the hysterectomy had, you know, all of these things address the surface issues.

And when we get to the underlying issues and we create, you know, hormone balance, we improve insulin sensitivity. We regulate, we improve the transition. You know, we’re going to have a transition just like puberty. We never know. Stop that just like, we don’t want to suppress the menopausal transition, but we want to breeze through it.

We want to manifest [00:18:00] this next stage of our lives, the healthiest way that we absolutely can. And so where in her case, he could have had all of those things. I intervened and certainly would have helped for the moment. It would never have addressed the underlying issues. When we address these underlying issues, then our hormones play better together.

And I like to give the analogy, Jackie, like if we think of our hormones, all our hormones, we have hundreds of hormones in our body. And you think of it in a university setting as all the students in the university. Each have their own gifting. They’re each gonna go their own way and serve their purpose.

And then you have the professors at the university. And so the professors, so all the hormones, estrogen, progesterone, and that’s the student body, but insulin and cortisol are your professors. And when they. On right. You’ve had your favorite professors and you’ve had lazy or terrible professors. So when they are good professors, the students are behaving, right.

They have direction, they have leadership. And then oxytocin is that Dean of the [00:19:00] university or the principal of the school and that oxytocin hormones, that benevolent hormone. Right. So you want that there because then you all are on board. You’ve got this, you’re bringing the world on together and that’s how our body.

Together working together versus every part of our body going to a different specialist and no one knows what the other’s doing. And that’s a problem with our medical system today. And I think this is where naturopathic medicine actually had. I had I known about that. I may have been better aligned with naturopathic medical schools, but I think this is where we really have to teach our physicians because physicians go into medicine to heal and help people.

And often were pimped out by pharma and industry. And it’s a problem there’s so much good, but there so much of the dousing of the intuition that physicians naturally have, and then we’re not, you know, we’re not acting honestly, in our giftings, [00:20:00] like we shouldn’t. And then each individual, especially women have.

And in menopause and beyond, I mean, that’s where we should have this incredible wisdom, spiritual growth and empowerment and intelligence. And that should radiate from us. To all of everyone around us. And when we’re healthy, there’s not chaos around us. There’s order just like the insulin and cortisol when they’re behaving.

Right. Or the university professors, when they’re good. You’ve got everyone in alignment. And in my house before, when I was a mess, everyone was, everyone was crazy. Oh, I completely agree. When I was demanding, we have the same, you know, we have the same story. And I think if there’s one of us is millions more like us, which is why we do what we do.

But yeah, I was crazy. I was yelling and angry. Sometimes I would scream and I, you know, I went to the doctor and I asked for help and I got asked if I was depressed. And if I would like an antidepressant. [00:21:00] Oh shocked. No one had ever asked me if I was depressed before no one had ever offered me an antidepressant.

And I walked out, you know, hindsight is a wonderful thing. And that’s why I went and sought the training than I did. No one ever asked me in the conventional medical system and modern medicine saves lives, but no one asked me how I was sleeping or what I was eating or was I drinking water or was I drinking alcoholic?

They are the basics. And I think what I love about your approach is that we have to get the, what I call the basics. Maybe they’re not the basics, but we have to get the gut. Right. Right. And the gut and the brain, they were the same open one grew up in one room, grew down. So when you told the story about your brain, I just thought, how inflamed your brain, how leaky and inflamed your brain must’ve been.

And yeah. Simple it is. If you’re under the right guidance to heal and seal the leaky gut to rebalance the microbiome, which heals and seals the brain and all the things you talk about with, with food as medicine [00:22:00] and now mindset, like my focus is on helping. Women speak in a way that is empowering and that they can look at themselves and say, what a rock star you are like, you are so awesome.

And maybe I’m not where, you know, maybe my weight’s not where I want to be at, but do you know what I know I’m going to get there. And I believe in myself when I ask her to do that, sometimes she says, no, sometimes she cries. Sometimes she’s like, I don’t know. There’s no way I could have that conversation.

Yeah, we don’t hesitate to have it with our children. Have we got here? Yep. And it’s often it’s turning internally to say, how can I be my best coach? If this was my daughter experiencing this in the future, what would I tell her? And I think that is one of the wisest things that we can look at ourselves.

And I’ve, I’ve gotten into saying to myself, okay, you’re the best you are right now at this point. That you can be at this moment right now. Okay. Okay, man. [00:23:00] Okay. And I can be better right now. Yes. And your vibration is completely different to finding a way to criticize yourself. And you can see that in, you know, it just in the way that you say those words, even if we have to fake it till we make it, when we use those words of love and support, it’s like a muscle.

We just have to practice it. Well, We do. And we do. And I would say to anyone, who’s listening to who’s feeling that dark deep place of depression and feeling overwhelmed. Like you don’t know, you can make the next step. It is that just one baby step you just start retraining. You start retraining your brain one step at a time.

Thank you. For this computer that I’m working at, thank you for this podcast. That’s speaking into me right now. And it is sometimes you’re faking it till you make it because you have to do that retraining. We have to let go. And as we do that, we start healing our physiology. We start, we’re communicating with our gut microbiome.[00:24:00] 

I, with our thoughts, we’re communicating with them. So do we want them to be constantly on guard and never to have. Chance to rest and, and repair itself, or do we want it to kind of go with the, go with the flow and be there to support us and, and come to arms when we needed to and otherwise, you know, chill out.

So I think that’s the concept of how our thoughts are, are communicating with the trillion of bacteria within our body too. And that’s, that’s not something where we’re yet learning in medical schools. Yes. And it’s so important, isn’t it? I mean, we know that speaking to I had a plant, I’ve got a plant downstairs and it was really not doing so well.

And I just, my action step was I was going to pour so much love into this part. That’s the only change I made. I spoke to it with so much love every day, gave it a name and, you know, made sure that it knew that I loved it wholeheartedly. And you should see that in. In weeks, I can’t even get [00:25:00] over the growth that it’s had now it’s sprawling everywhere and I couldn’t even get it to grow a single leaf.

So imagine if we use those words inward, what would happen with the two kilos of bacteria that we’ve got that are running our bodies? It’s incredible. Absolutely. Absolutely. I agree. I agree. And that’s oxytocin. Right. That’s the most alkalinizing hormone in our body compared to cortisol, which is the most acidifying hormone in our body.

So one of the things that my keto green way, as I tell women and men check your urine. And get an outline and get it alkaline with the food you’re eating, but also with the thoughts you’re keeping. Yeah. So part of my journey when I create it, and I swear, like I like pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, that’s the keto green way, shifting your physiology.

So you’re vibrating at a higher energy, and then you can make those better decisions for yourself. Part of that was where I noticed as I was. You know, started the keto where I was so acidic. And so that’s where I added the in. And then I’d [00:26:00] recognize the day, I’d go walk on the beach or do my gratitude journaling.

First thing in the morning, my urine pH was more alkaline. So I connected with a research scientist in nephrology. I’m like, what’s going on? He’s like, well, cortisol increases hydrogen ion secretion across the renal tubules, creating that more aesthetic urine. And that for me, was that a ha that’s why it’s not just about what we eat.

That’s why thoughts are so powerful, physiologically at the cellular level. So sometimes it is fake it till we make it, but once you start feeling it and that just, that will stop. Oh, absolutely. And that’s what we want rather than the downward spiral. Dr. Anna, I love your quote. Everywhere you go. There you are.

What are you personally working on now on yourself to feel that. Yeah, I love that quote too. I always joke that, you know, I learned that after going around the world, everywhere you go, there you are right. As much as we race and try to change [00:27:00] things and keep busy and change your environment as you know what you’re still there.

And I think that, that one of the things that I’m doing right now is, is launching my new book menu. And really opening the discussion. I really want to see moms and daughters having the discussion about our hormone changes about menopause. And I want daughters to help their moms hold that safe container to support them through this transition, too.

And if we’re as mothers not talking about it, not saying, Hey, I really need this downtime. Or, you know, or, Hey, I’m not feeling great here. And if we, this way, this will at least help me. If we take out these distractions. It’s from the house, no TVs or whatever it may be, then I’m going to feel better. I can be a better mom that way, and this is going to help my transitions.

And that helps our lineage. And it also is showing for those, like, I think show for my daughters. You have to have that self care. You have to have the, you know, the, of course you’ve got the busy time, but you also have to have [00:28:00] the nourishment time. You have to take time for yourself. And, but for me, You know, I need that time for me and no one’s going to give it to me.

If I don’t ask for an invite, I don’t claim it. So then you pause. That’s what I’m doing. Yes. Um, yeah. Well, and I love when we talked earlier about your, is it bootstrap? I’m not familiar with that term, but I think after this interview, Dr. Rana is going boot scooting. And what is that going to do for you?

What is that going to do for your hormones? Total oxytocin boost a total oxytocin boost. That’s gonna, you know, just make everything better. And I bet tomorrow morning when I wake up, check my urine, pH it will be so super alkaline. That’s the, that’s the power of, that’s the power of fun, of pleasure of enjoyment of doing things you love, like dancing and listening to music and, you know, enjoying friends and good company.

That’s the power that we have with that. And then empowering our physiology. Like I wouldn’t have the. Uh, launch, I should be exhausted. I mean, I’ll [00:29:00] take my downtime, believe me, but like, you know, to have the energy, to get up and go dancing and get out with friends. And there was a time that I, I didn’t, I didn’t want to leave the house.

So it’s really. Really refreshing to be at at this age at 55, you know, so young and feeling so strong and healthy and something that’s really interesting in Texas. There were Texas Christian university did research looking at immune function. And headline said that, oh, more attract. I looked at attractiveness and immune function.

The headlines read are more attractive. People have better immune functions. Actually the research said the opposite is true. The better your immune function, the more attractive you are perceived. Yes. So true and being dating in my fifties right now, something that going back to what we said earlier about mood swings and hormonal, something that I hear a guy say about, you know, and plus I heard this from my patients, [00:30:00] but they would say about their ex-wives that they were bipolar, you know, have these terrible mood swings.

I’m like they were hormonal and we know that we can fix that. Right. We can fix and heal that. Physiology these mood swings and shifts, especially tell my clients, if you only hate your husband two weeks out of the month, it’s more likely your hormones than your husband, but it’s really true. And that’s the effect of stress on our physiology.

And so recognizing, recognizing that, that we have that control so much to balance our hormones and certainly we can supplement, and I’m a fan of bio-identical hormones as a, as a supplement, right. To help. Replenish, but not replaced and not suppressed our natural glandular function integration. I think that’s the difference.

Oh, absolutely. And what I love the talk about is this holistic approach. So we’ve talked about food as medicine, and we’ve talked about supplements and I love bio-identical hormones as well. And we’ve talked about your thoughts. So it is really [00:31:00] this truly holistic approach. If there’s one lesson that you would teach your daughter, Right now, if she was feeling really low and out of control, what would that.

I focus on the positive that you are precious. You are blessed, you are good and not, and even better than that. Right. I see this in my daughters. I know this in myself, like we’re the hardest critics of ourselves and we get self-conscious I’m like, laugh it off, laugh at yourself more. Waive your crazy flag.

I mean, have fun. Don’t take it so seriously because that suppresses our soul, that suppresses our energy, that creates stagnation, stagnant energy creates disease, and it will manifest in one way or another. So again, don’t take it so seriously laugh that off. Like I told you, before we started, I had a TV interview with talk of the town in Nashville yesterday morning, and I’m making my almond vanilla.

Scones. I mean, one of the amazing recipes in my book and [00:32:00] I totally getting distracted, setting up, making sure cameras and everything were ready and I burnt the scones. And then I just laughed at myself and older me would have been very critical and like, You’re not a good cook or what were you thinking?

Or, you know, something like that totally laughed at myself. And I’ve shown everyone on my Instagram, my burn scones, which is just makes you you’re so relatable and so authentic, you know, I just love hanging out with you. Um, I’m so, so privileged to have you as a guest on the show and talk about your incredible bestselling book, menu pores.

How do we find out more about you doc? So definitely follow me on Instagram at the girlfriend doctor and come to my website, Dr. anna.com. I’ve got great information there on hormones, on hysterectomy, on vaginal China’s on menopause on everything. There’s good content there to empower you. And I feel like.

That for me is my paying it forward. And I wish I’ve lost my [00:33:00] mom early to diabetes and heart disease. And, and I was on that same trajectory. And so I, I see so many good, good women suffering, not living their passionate, sexy, fun life. And everyone deserves that deserves that it’s their birthright at any age.

And that’s my paying it forward. So that definitely is a very special gift that you have. And thank you for sharing it with the world, Doug, to Anna. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. It’s been an absolute blast and I just can’t wait for many pores to get out in the hands of all the women that so desperately need your.

Thank you so much. Thank you. If you made it to the end of this episode, celebrate yourself because it means you are truly dedicated to feeling better in your health, in your career, in your relationships. And I am so proud of you, and if you want more, Feel better now. [00:34:00] So tuning every Monday for new episodes and join our community on Instagram at Jackie Belper for all the behind the scenes action and more.

Hey, why don’t you sign up for a chance to have your question answered@fieldfitbitinstitute.com. Sign up, that’s feel better institute.com/signup, but most of all, please keep reaching to feel better because the world needs you to feel good. So you can share that very special gift that only you have. So with that said, see you soon here’s to feeling better now bye-bye Jackie Bowker.

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