17: 5 Strategies to END Your FATIGUE so You Wake Up FIRING Everyday

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Welcome to Feel Better Now!

How often do you feel tired?

Jackie is back today to talk about tiredness and bring you her 5 strategies to feel better and end the fatigue!

You’ll hear all about the power of eating whole, unprocessed foods and how they can have a medicinal effect on the body. 

Jackie will also stress the importance of knowing the source of your food and taking accountability for your health.

This episode will fill you with energy and help you create a healthy, revitalized body. 

Key Topics and Takeaways:

  • What whole foods are.
  • Five inflammatory foods that are troublesome for the body.
  • How to set an intention around the food you eat.
  • Eating healthy fats.
  • The importance of understanding the source of your food.
  • Why you should always know what you are putting in your body.

Memorable Quotes:

“Bringing that intention and attracting the vibration of love into your food will create a different energy and impact on your cells and your blood than if you were eating the food coming from a place of conflict.” (4:09, Jackie)

“Inflammation without a doubt is the leading cause of disease. Nine out of 10 deaths are created by inflammation in the body.” (10:26, Jackie)

“You’ll find that we can regulate hormones a lot when we rectify the diet to include lots of healthy fats. So they’re not something to be scared of.” (18:45, Jackie)

“It’s not just what you eat. It’s how you eat.” (23:11, Jackie)

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17: 5 Strategies to END Your FATIGUE so You Wake Up FIRING Everyday

[00:00:00] A lot of people are carrying a lot of weight unnecessarily because they’ve got a lot of food sensitivities and that’s happening because they’ve got a very leaky gut, I’ve run three sensitivity panels, and there might be 65 foods on that panel. That person, if they just remove those foods without healing and sealing, they late very, very late.

He got, there is absolutely no point. Going to be spinning their wheels. So we heal and seal that gut lining. And then we can find that we can reintroduce those foods without a problem.

Hi there. Welcome to the feel better now, podcast. I’m your host. Yeah. And if you’ve arrived here, no, there is something in here to spark yourself to create a better future in your health, in your career, in your relationships for both yourself. And for those around you, just one small action step at a time [00:01:00] with so much love and gratitude to be your guide.

Let’s get started.

Jackie back. I’m confused. What can I eat to boost my energy? I am so excited about episode two of our mini series. Why am I so tired this episode, we get right back to basics and talk about something that I love talking about, which is the power of eating real food. In this episode, I’m going to talk about my five top strategies.

To feel better and end the fatigue. So stop feeling so tired using food. That’s real food and not pseudo food. That gives you a clue to what we’re going to talk about in this episode. And it’s really important. So it’s something that many practitioners and many wellness experts talk a lot about, but for some [00:02:00] reason it is not necessarily part of our implementation plan day to day.

So I want to break that down for you today and things that I’m really passionate. Educating people around because knowledge is power. So once you know, I’m quite cheeky, I like to teach you something and empower you with the knowledge, because once you learn, it’s very difficult to unlearn. And what happens by nature of doing that is that you make better informed choices.

All I can do is as your guide share this information, and then what you do with it is your choice, but you’re in a position of power. You are. Full rather than being power less by not knowing the education. So here are my top five strategies strategy. Number one, setting an intention around the food that you eat and its healing power in the body.

Whole real unadulterated unprocessed foods have an incredible medicinal effect on the [00:03:00] body. I love the quote. Food be thy medicine. Food is a wonderful medicine for the body and we probably don’t think about it in that way. So imagine every time you eat something, you put something in your mouth, you use that intention of what is going to do to build strong, healthy cells.

Maybe you’ve got some pain to go in there and really calm that pain down. To help your body be at a place of peace. My favorite strategy is to bless the food that’s going in to have so much gratitude and to be so thankful for the fresh food that we can grow or pick, and for the power of what it’s going to do in my body.

I come back to the fact that food creates healthy cells in the body. So. Breaking it down. It can be as simple as I’m so grateful for the food that I eat. It’s creating my [00:04:00] vital, healthy body. And I’m so grateful and grateful to the growers. I’m grateful to have access to whole real foods. So bringing that intention and attracting the vibration of love into your food will create a different energy and impact on you.

Cells and your blood than if you were eating the food coming from a place of conflict or eating while you’re having an argument with someone eating while you’re sitting in traffic, getting frustrated. So setting that intention, that the food that you eat, nourishes your body and brings you vitality.

This one strategy is my favorite. And if you implement it, I would love to know how you go drop me a note, drop me a DM or yeah. I read every message. And I’m so grateful for you letting me know that you’ve taken action and taken control and responsibility for your [00:05:00] health and nutrition. Strategy number two for how to use whole foods to end the fatigue and build a vital, healthy body is to use whole foods.

So I remember once when giving a talk many years ago and we talked about whole foods and there was a question in the audience, what is a whole food? So it’s not a silly question. And I want to make sure that you feel that. Base of free of judgment that you can ask whatever questions you want to build your knowledge, because knowledge is power.

So never feel that you have a question that you should know the answer to because we’re all on our own journey. We’re all learning. So the fact that you have a question shows courage, what is whole food? So I like to explain this concept by getting. To the basics and talking about diet, the word diet, I am so passionate about the human diet.

So we have a diet for dogs. We have a diet for horses. So [00:06:00] for example, I’ve got a dog, a caboodle, and I know that I don’t feed him grapes or chocolate because those foods don’t support the health of the dog. So I’m inquisitive. Why do we. Eat foods that don’t support the health of the human body. I believe that humans are designed to ate whole and adulterated unprocessed food.

So yeah, we have a lot of food in our society. That’s what I call pseudo food. It’s fake food. So it’s made with rancid oils, like canola oil, cheap products that are genetically modified, like a lot of soy flour. And these foods don’t create health in the body. They essentially are pseudo food. They’re fake.

And so fake food is not going to make you feel good. It’s not going to end the fatigue. It’s not going to energize you. It’s not going to turn back the clock. So when I talk about the human diet, I talk about whole foods, how we were designed to eat, which is foods that have been grown. [00:07:00] Or can be picked or if you choose to eat, animal products can be killed.

So we’re talking about beautiful fiber through fruits and vegetables. We’re talking about animal protein and fish chicken, red meat. What maze we’re talking about. Beautiful, healthy fats that make healthy cells. All leaves and nuts and seeds and all the beautiful oils that go around that like avocado oil, flaxseed oil.

So we’re talking about carbohydrates through fiber fruits and vegetables. We’re talking about healthy fats through nuts and seeds, and only gives out the Kado coconut. And we’re talking about clean protein. Where the animal has lived in a sustainable place that has been treated well. So the energy and the vibration of the animal is the energy that’s going to be transferred to your bloodstream.

So if that animal has been pumped full [00:08:00] of antibiotics and hormones, that is what you are consuming. Yeah. This is no joke, right? We are seeing an epidemic of females that are menstruating earlier that are growing breasts years and years earlier. And this is a result of the food that we are eating. So it’s worth paying attention to the quality and the source of the foods that you eat.

And that is your responsibility. Nobody else’s the person. Cares more about you, is you. And so nobody’s going to do that work for you. I really believe in accountability and taking responsibility for your health and nutrition. As you’ve heard me say many times before, so do what you can, you know, buy the best that you can possibly afford, because you will reap what you sow.

You will get back so much from that in years to come in 20 years time or 10 years time being able to run around after kids or do things that. I ever thought [00:09:00] possible because you have a young body and you have turned back the clock, I believe age is a limiting belief. So, you know, when we were, the life expectancy was 60 and then someone leaves to 60 fives.

And then, so then the belief was, our age is 65 before we transitioned. And then someone lived to 70. So what are you going to look like when you’re 70, 80, 90? Are you going to be strong and vital? Is a direct correlation to the food that you eat, or are you going to be Haggard and saggy and not be able to get off the toilet on assisted and really need a lot of support around that, because that is a result of the food that you ate amongst other things, obviously, but what’s on the end of your fork is in essence.

Easy for you to control. So my tip is eight whole unadulterated foods where you understand what the source of that food is. I buy from markets. We are lucky enough to have access [00:10:00] to local farmer’s markets. So we get to support the growers that actually put the seeds in the ground and grow the food. And the closer you can be.

Source of that is the closer you’re going to get to food that is going to really support a strong, healthy, vital body and give you back the energy and stop you being so tired. Strategy number three, understanding the top inflammatory foods and what that does to the body inflammation without doubt is the leading cause of disease.

Nine out of 10 deaths are created from inflammation in the body. And one of the top sources of inflammation is through the foods that we eat. There are five inflammatory foods that are. Really, really troublesome for our body. Our body has a lot of difficulty in processing these foods, and then they go on to create other more sinister things.

And I always say, if you get gut issues from eating these foods, you are one of the lucky ones, because there are so many other [00:11:00] symptoms that are seemingly unrelated. Anxiety is a really, really big one anxiety. Joint pain. These are things that myself, as a functional medicine practitioner and other practitioners see in their clinic, and they’re directly related to the foods that we eat and then the knock on effect of what happens to the gut and to the brain and to the joints in the body.

So the top inflammatory foods I’m talking about, gluten, I’m talking about. Dairy and dairy is, uh, something that does need to be broken down, uh, but really good fermented quality dairy is different to drinking cow’s milk. That’s been mass commercialized from cows that have been pumped full of antibiotics and hormones, their lives.

So dairy is a topic that we need to break down, but dairy in a whole, I would consider an inflammatory food. We’re talking peanuts, highly inflammatory. A lot of people know this because of the anaphylaxis and the allergic reactions that we [00:12:00] have, corn is highly inflammatory. The majority of corn is genetically modified.

So you have to be very, very careful of the corn that you eat and the corn that is in as an ingredient in processed foods. So there’s a real difference between. From an organic grower and corn that has been genetically modified and milled and processed, and then stuff in a packet and soy. So it is a very cheap food.

So it’s often used as a filler in processed foods. There’s a very big difference between fermented soy product like a Tempe and other soy flowers that are heavily processed and full of chemicals and glyphosate and pesticides. And with gluten, for example, and soy in anything that’s made into a flour or put into a grain product, the issue is not only in that product and the body, seeing it as something that it can’t break down, but also [00:13:00] the chemicals that have been put on it.

So with gluten, the research is half of it is because the protein in wheat. So in wheat products, so we’re talking weeks. Bali rye, what is happening now is that gluten protein is too big for the body to digest for the humans system to be able to tolerate, but also because it’s been covered in chemicals.

So we’re talking about two things that are creating inflammation in the body. What we know from the scientific research is that gluten damages, the intestinal wall. All humans, 100%. It’s not often you get a study that shows that definitive statistic, 100%, all humans. One of my beautiful teachers, Tom O’Brien when he taught me this, the leading gluten expert in the world, I put my hand up in class and I said, hang on.

Doesn’t that mean that we should be eating gluten at all? And he looked at me and he said, Yes. [00:14:00] And that’s because the intestinal wall, when you give it an assault, like the gluten, what happens is it will damage the intestinal wall and the cells might regenerate in a few hours or in you. They might regenerate in a few days.

In someone else they might regenerate in a few years. And so you don’t know how quickly your cells regenerate from those adulterated foods and from those inflammatory foods. And what happens is a hole is gradually made in the intestinal wall. That creates a situation called leaky gut. You might’ve heard of that.

The whole creates an issue with. Toxins and other food particles are able to move their way into the bloodstream instead of being contained in the intestinal and the intestines, like kind of like one long sausage or donut. So you only want nutrients passing through that wall. You don’t want big gaping holes that allow other things to pass through.

So even a piece of broccoli is not supposed to [00:15:00] be in the bloodstream. It will be deemed foreign by the human body, your arm. They should defend. You will identify that broccoli and create a food sensitivity. And it’s not because you were sensitive to broccoli it’s because you had a leaky gut that allow the broccoli into the bloodstream.

So it’s a recipe for disaster. My recommendation is that the wheat products are not in a place where the human body can digest it because you don’t really know what else is going on for you. And I don’t pretend this is easy. We live in a gluten-free household. Um, People in my house have a different reaction to gluten, but my son has a reaction where he, his brain gets fried.

Like he turns into a different person. He’s like Huddy, someone else had is, and this, you know, this crazy boy goes bananas and he’s aggressive and angry. You know, it takes about three days and then he’s back to be his very, very [00:16:00] sweet self again. So it’s a stark contrast. We were one of the lucky ones I can sit there, like as a baby, I see pictures.

And he literally looked like he was nine months pregnant with a swollen belly. If you saw photos. And I didn’t even notice it at the time, my sister said to me is something wrong with Hardy’s Tommy. And then we went into the investigation and we remove the gluten from his diet. And then we ran the test.

I found out he was really highly sensitive. So that situation I feel so grateful for. And I think it’s so important because of all of the attention issues we’re seeing in children, all of the aggressive nurse, which if you go down the conventional path may be treated with a medication that could just be avoided if we went to the root cause of the problem.

So inflammatory foods. Are a big deal. I’ve given you the top five, but really it’s up to you to determine what is working for you. What is supportive and what is not supporting you. And what’s not supporting [00:17:00] you is not supporting your energy and your vitality and your transformation. A lot of people are carrying a lot of weight.

Unnecessarily because they’ve got a lot of food sensitivities and that’s happening because they’ve got a very leaky gut. So if you see I’ve run food sensitivity panels, and there might be 65 foods on that panel, that person, if they just remove those foods without healing and sealing their leaking. Very late.

He got, there is absolutely no point and they’re just going to be spinning their wheels. So we heal and seal that gut lining. And then we find that we can reintroduce those foods without a problem. Strategy. Number three, understanding. The food that we ate makes up the quality of the cells in our body. So very quick tip here, the cell wall is made of lipid.

So it’s got, it’s made of healthy fats. And one of those sites is cholesterol. Cholesterol has been given a bad rap and there’s a lot of medication around. You know, bringing [00:18:00] down your cholesterol, cholesterol, if you didn’t have enough one, the body would make up the difference. And two, what happens is you make your hormones based on having the right amount of cholesterol for you.

So it’s just really important for you to. And what fats are you putting into your body? Because we have come out of, you know, a few decades of a fat-free era. That’s where I grew up. And that’s really, that really had a knock on effect on my body, my demise, but my skin quality, my energy, how I looked my skin tone.

And ever since I brought healthy fats into my diet, what happens is you are actually able to build a healthy self. Wool and healthy hormones. So you’ll find that we can regulate hormones a lot when we rectify the diet to include lots of healthy fats. So they’re not something to be scared of. I love using a variety of healthy fats because they break down differently in terms of their chemical structure.

[00:19:00] So you may have heard polyunsaturated and mono and saturated. And saturated and they’re all great. The human body thrives on diversity of real food. The diversity of real food represents the diversity of your gut, which is your immune system. So all of this, as you can see is totally interrelated. So is the food that you’re eating.

If you’re eating the human diet, as we talked about earlier, a whole process diet, those foods will be made of naturally healthy fats. So there’s a lot of healthy fats in animal products. For example, you know, in fish there. More omega threes and in red meat, there’s more saturated fat, but real food naturally has a lot of healthy fats.

And so what we want to do is make sure that you’re eating a variety of healthy fats that support that cell, the wall that supports you, making it. Healthy cells. So you will eliminate the own healthy cells and you’ll make new healthy cells. So you’ve got a whole new body in the space of months, years, [00:20:00] you have the power, you have the power to make a healthy body or an unhealthy body.

So again, once I teach you this, it’s very difficult to unlearn it. I just want to make that connection so that you can look at what’s on the end of your fork. And you can be saying, do I feel like avocado with some salt on or some guacamole? Or am I going to choose. Multilayered sponge cake that every layer has got a different color.

They’re just such vast difference between pseudo food and real food. You know, am I going to choose to have a breakfast? Maybe it’s a smoothie or a chia pudding, or you make granola or buy a whole foods. Granola compared to a box cereal where at least the first one, two and 30 ingredients. Different sugars and flavors and colors.

So there’s such a huge difference of how you set yourself up for success or the other way. Round strategy. Number four, the digestion is key. So it’s [00:21:00] not just what you eat is how you ate. So being in a relaxed state, you thinking happy thoughts, really getting back to basics, but how often do all of us do that?

And most people know. That I am a recovered sink eater. So if there’s one of me, there’s millions, more like me. So taking the time and the devotion to sitting down and enjoying the food that you’re having so that you’re not rushed when you’re rushed, you’re operating from a place of fight or flight.

Basically physiologically impossible to digest your food and extract those nutrients. No matter how green this movie is or how nutrient dense your energy bowl is, or your piece of salmon, et cetera. So thinking happy thoughts, and then combining that with strategy. Number one, your intention setting is powerful and imagine eating your, or drinking your smoothie.

In your car sitting in a traffic [00:22:00] jam and someone cuts you off, like, is that the best use of that green smoothie that you just invested in time to make and that sort of thing. So you’ve got to look at things holistically and intuitively as well. So I want to make sure that this makes sense to you. We also have digestive juices that are excreta from our open.

The breakdown, our food. So we need to allow enough time and respect for that to happen. And though that, unfortunately, as we get older, the capacity for those organs, just to create at the volume that they did when we were children is compromised. And might be, that’s one of my limiting beliefs that I’m trying to work on.

So I’m always going to the intention. My body is doing everything it possibly needs to, to extract the most nutrition out of these foods to have the most powerful healing effects on my body and make me feel amazing. I mean, imagine if that was the intention that you had every time you had a bite of.

Small things [00:23:00] that are really important is chewing your food properly. A beautiful saying in functional medicine, isn’t the stomach doesn’t have teeth. So understanding that digestion is powerful. It’s not just what you eat. It is how you. So did you, number five, knowledge is power. This is something that I’m so passionate about.

I’ve said a few times in this episode that once you learn it’s difficult to unlearn, but the key here is buying fresh, close to the source and understanding what you’re putting in your body is really important when you do buy processed foods. And the ratio of processed to unprocessed should be quite low.

So when we do our market hall once a week, Go and do one shop once a week and I can barely fit it in the fridge because it is all perishable, real food goes off and, you know, sometimes we get upset because, uh, things are moldy or I’m really pleased about that. If I’ve got a bunch of kale and two weeks later, It was [00:24:00] sitting in my fridge and it doesn’t look like it’s wilted or going a bit furry.

There’s a problem there with how that tail has been treated. So to save time and without market hole, we do the one big shop a week. So the majority of our food. Perishable. And then of course we supplement that with things that we need to buy from health, food store and the supermarket, anything in a packet though, and even at my home.

So I bought a buy a lot of things in bulk, and I’m there looking at the ingredients. I want to know that if I’m buying coconut milk powder, the only ingredient in that coconut milk powder is coconut. And that’s how I make my. Milk. I use a tablespoon of coconut milk powder in a jar with water, shake it up.

And there’s a cup of fresh coconut milk. So there’s a lot of tips and tools that you can use to make life easier to make food more affordable. But the key here is knowledge is power. If you’re buying something in a packet, turn it around and look at the label. I often have clients [00:25:00] sending me the nutritional labels saying, is this good for me?

And my question back is. Is this food good for you? Check out the ingredients so you can do the work. I can’t do the work for you because that is micromanaging you. And it’s not putting you in a position of power. You want to look at the back of the label and see what the ingredients are. So for example, a lot of people buy crackers.

They’re really yummy to eat with a deep or something like that. And as a snack. So do you want to buy a sea cracker with. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds keenwah or do you want to buy a packet of crackers? That’s full of wheat flour, canola oil. So they’re two vastly different foods. One is a real food and one is a pseudo food.

So take responsibility for what’s your putting in your body. And if you’re in charge of nutrition and wellness in the household, you’re also in charge of what you’re putting in other people’s bodies. So that’s really important. My mission is to build healthy. [00:26:00] Parents, and that then create healthy to children.

And that happens from modeling. And that also happens from the food that we buy and put in the household. I hope you’ve enjoyed these five strategies to how to use food, to end the fatigue and stop being so tired and create a really vital, ambitious, healthy body. That’s just ready to. Serve and live a life of service as a spiritual being in this human existence and share that very special gift that I know only you have, and that the world is waiting to hear from I’ll end with a beautiful quote from Hippocrates.

So sometime ago, let food. Levi medicine and medicine be by food. I love your daily, have an amazing day. Bye-bye if you made it to the end of this episode, celebrate yourself because it means you are truly [00:27:00] dedicated to feeling better in your health, in your career, in your relationships. And I am so proud of you.

And if you want more. Feel better now. So tuning every Monday for new episodes and join our community on Instagram at Jackie Barker for all the behind the scenes action and more. Hey, why don’t you sign up for a chance to have your question answered@fieldfitbitinstitute.com. Sign up that feel better institute.com/signup, but most of all, please keep reaching to feel better because the world needs you to feel good.

So you can share that very special gift that only you have. So with that said, see you soon here’s to feeling better now bye-bye Jackie Bowker.

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