03: Tools to Make Your Life Fabulous & Healthy with Dr. Fab

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Welcome to Feel Better Now!

Jackie Bowker sits down with an incredible guest, Dr. Fab to discuss how to become empowered with your health. After all, part of feeling better means taking ownership over your health and wellbeing. 

Dr. Fab is America’s #1 Healthy Living Media Expert, a world-renowned Chiropractor, an international best-selling author, and a radio and podcast host. He has inspired millions as the Healthy Living expert on shows such as Dr. Fill, Fox News, and CNN and is here to share healthy tools and tips with YOU!

Health isn’t simply juice cleanses and workouts, it’s largely driven by your mental wellness and mindset. In the episode, Dr. Fab shares a personal near-death experience that ultimately offered him a unique and powerful viewpoint on life. Tune in to hear his perspective and how you can embody this type of growth mindset.

Jackie and Dr. Fab thread through many wellness topics such as goal setting, curbing burnout, building a relationship with your health care practitioners and so much more. Here is the start for you to feel better NOW!

Tips and Topics In this Episode For You:

  1. 5 steps to the Fab life Framework.
  2. Tips to practice gratitude each day.
  3. Actionable advice on how to execute your goals every day.
  4. How to protect your daily agenda from being robbed by others’ needs. 
  5. Insight to remain healthy during the COVID pandemic.
  6. How to be an equal contributor to your health plan with your doctor.

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Insightful Quotes:

“True fulfillment of potential, true fulfillment of happiness, the true fulfillment of abundance only truly happens in service, rather than survival.” (3:38, Dr. Fab)

“Don’t be so preoccupied with what you say, focus more on how they feel when you say it.” (8:22, Dr. Fab)

“I asked them (my clients) to look at themselves in the mirrors, straight in the eyes and thank their body and tell them how beautiful they are. There’s so much resistance from a lot of us in doing that.” (16:04, Jackie)

“If your agenda is empty, then your agenda will become somebody else’s agenda.” (30:02 Dr. Fab) 

“75% of people are reporting themselves as being burnt out, enough that the world health organization has classified this as an occupational phenomenon.” (37:02, Jackie)

“I’m so passionate about elevating the standard of healthcare globally and helping people to have enough knowledge that they can have a conversation with their healthcare practitioner so that it’s an equal conversation. It’s not the practitioners guiding everything. The patient is the future doctor.” (43:36, Jackie)

“The number one and the number two reason why people are still not as healthy is the lack of proper nutrients inside the cell and the lack of physical activity.” (48:22, Dr. Fab)

“If we can empower the mom, who’s mostly the nucleus of the family, then she can impart that education to everybody around.” (52:02 Jackie)

“Don’t let your current circumstances define your destiny.” (54:18, Dr. Fab)


03: Tools to Make Your Life Fabulous & Healthy with Dr. Fab

[00:00:00] One of the things I’m so passionate about is elevating the standard of healthcare globally and helping people to have enough knowledge that they can have a conversation with their healthcare practitioner. So that it’s an equal conversation. It’s not the practitioner sort of guiding everything. The patient is the future doctor, I suppose.

Hi there. Welcome to the feel better now, podcast. I’m your host, Jackie Balca. And if you’ve arrived here, no, there is something in here to spark yourself to create a better future in your health, in your career, in your relationships for both yourself and for those around you, it’s just one small action.

Step at a time with so much love and gratitude.[00:01:00] 

How can we tap into the power of a positive, peaceful, and loving mindset to drive happiness? Well, today we have the amazing Dr. Fat, not only is he a regular on the Dr. Phil show and one of the most heralded healers in America. He’s an incredible chiropractor and international bestselling author of the power of self healing hosts of the fab life podcast.

And he even has his own TV show. He’s here to show you how to live a life of service and make the most of every possible moment of each day to truly explode your happiness. I can’t believe the incredible simple daily routines and intimate stories. He shares about his personal life that blew my mind.

And open my heart. I can’t wait for you to hear this. STO followed up to fab on Facebook and Instagram and share this show with anyone who needs a quick shot of love today. [00:02:00] I truly learned so much from this incredible passionate, genuine, gentle man. He is a joy. Enjoy this fantastic interview with Dr. Fab.

America’s healthy living. Hello? Hello. How is it going? What a pleasure. So good to see you in person in the flesh. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. We are so honored and privileged to spend some time with you today, so happy to be here. So Dr. Bab, the question that people want to know from you. How do you do it?

Like this vibe, this energy, this service, everything I watch and read about you is you live a life of service. Tell me more about that. What does that mean to you? You know, that’s a very good question. And by the way, Jackie, thank you so much for having me. I’m so honored to be here. I’m a big fan. And I got to say that it started with a mentor of mine many [00:03:00] years ago, about 35 years ago, in which.

Set this statement to me, and it was a principle that he taught for many years called develop a compassion to serve that is greater than your compulsion to survive, compassion, to serve greater than your compulsion to survive. So the way he taught it and the way I learned that, and what I’ve experienced over the years is that our natural incline as a human being is to survive.

So we are made to survive. You know, that’s part of our nature, our gene pool, but what we have found out is that true, fulfilling. Of potential true fulfillment of happiness. True fulfillment of abundance only truly happens in service rather than survival. So as I started learning that concept, I was like trying to identify and learn what is the difference and the bowl sound to this jacket.[00:04:00] 

Anytime. You’re thinking about your needs. You wake up in the morning and you’re thinking I gotta get this done. I need to make this happen. I gotta meet this quota. I gotta get my numbers. I gotta have this. I gotta do that. It’s all about you, you, in what we call survival mindset, that means that the world revolves around your needs.

Your wants your desires, your intentions. And then there’s another world totally different, which unfortunately, a very small percentage of the world actually applies. And that is the mindset of, of service. And the mindset of service is one that you wake up every single day. Thinking about the needs of others.

Thinking about the wants of others, thinking about how you can contribute value to someone else, like someone else’s life, rather than constantly just bring value to you. So I’ve learned in my life to [00:05:00] think every single day that my true value as a human being. It’s to be of service every single day, no matter what the request is, no matter what the opportunity is, no matter what the circumstances, it could be as minimal as going into my workplace, noticing that somebody had lost 15 pounds and acknowledging that and saying, Mary, you look amazing.

I don’t know what you’re doing, girl, but those 15 pounds less than you look great. I know you’re going to be healthier for it. Or it could be something that you see somebody in need and financial need or relationship need or whatever, and you do something and try to do something anonymously. Like I do most of my financial given anonymously because I want people to think that the universe is conspiring to support them so they can develop what I call hope.

But if you see somebody that is in need, don’t wait until they ask you for something. Just do it. And I’ve learned and conditioned myself to wake [00:06:00] up every single day, thinking about others. And what I’ve learned is that when I do that, my needs are always met beyond anything I could possibly think I could have done by myself.

And they’re always met beyond that because I have the different mindset that I believe is really the mindset that allows you to fulfill that potentially. 

Wow. That is incredible. I think in that moment, those two minutes you have said something so transformational and so powerful. So thank you so much.

That is incredible. Wow. What, what does feeling better mean to you? Feeling better from a physical, emotional, or spiritual? I would say. How do you feel even better than you already do? Yes, of course. I think better as you defined it, it’s an evolution. It’s [00:07:00] not a destination. It’s an ongoing process that like, I often have people ask me the question, how can I be healthier?

And I said, there were, there’s two things that determine your health, it’s your mindset and your behaviors. And if today you look at things a little bit before. Maybe have a different perspective, maybe make something a little bit more positive than negative, or if you began to do something different today than you did yesterday, you’re going to ensure that tomorrow is a little bit healthier than today.

And then the next day will be a little healthier than the next day. So I try to encourage patients not to think so much the longterm, because we know based on recent studies, that the attention span of a human being now has been reduced to nine seconds. Wow. When that data came out, it revolutionized the way we were thinking.

I do a lot of media. So in the media, they tell us that we have a 32nd [00:08:00] soundbite. If we don’t create value in 30 seconds, they’re going to change that channel on radio is about a minute and a half on an alive event is about five minutes. So when I heard the nine seconds. I was like, where does that come from?

How in the world we’re going to make a statement or a demonstration of something. So what I’ve learned is don’t be so preoccupied in what you say, focus more in how they feel when you say it. So think about ways that you can say something more expressively ratio, tone of voice, clap your hands, get everybody to stand up.

Anything that will create a shift in their minds. In the first nine seconds gives you a better opportunity to grab their attention and hopefully they will listen more attentively to what you have to say. So I think that it’s important to recognize that we become better. By [00:09:00] thinking a little bit better than we did yesterday or doing a little bit better than we did yesterday.

And then all of a sudden we noticed that we’re starting to feel better about ourselves because ultimately at the end of the day, this has been my evolution. I make it very simple. In my first quarter of my life. I made decisions based on what fulfills. What gave me satisfaction. What made me feel good about myself in the second 50 years?

I mean, 25 years of my life, I made it more about having happiness, joy. I started making decisions that were actually making me happier. And now in this stage of my life, I’m going to be 56 in, in a couple of months is all about peace. I’ve reached that point in my life. That every decision I make must give me peace for me to do it because that’s what I’m seeking right now.

I’m seeking environments that are [00:10:00] peaceful. I’m seeking people that I can associate and select to be in my presence and me in their presence that are peaceful. And that’s how my evolution has become, because I truly believe that peace is the highest state of the. To be connected with that universal power.

Oh, I couldn’t agree with you more and pace and love and happiness. And they’re also connected aren’t they? So let’s get practical about that because you mentioned earlier, you wake up in the morning and you’re thinking, feeling, flooding yourself with thoughts about how to live a life of service. So have others.

And then now you’re talking about just surrounding yourself with peaceful people and peaceful environments. So when fab wakes up in the morning, tell us the, tell us, you know, a couple of your favorite things to do. Maybe there’s some habits that you’ve ritualized that fulfill that need and keep you in integrity.

[00:11:00] That’s a great question. So I would say it always starts with a sense of urgency because I almost died in an, uh, in a robbery when I was 16 years old. I learned the most amazing lesson of my life. And that is, there is no guarantees that we will be here tomorrow. And we know that pandemic has really accelerated that process for a lot of people that felt that there will be here, but they’re no longer here.

And so the first feeling that I have is a sense of urgency, meaning I get another day to contribute and I don’t take that for granted because I went to sleep the night before thinking I won’t wake up. I don’t expect to wake up. So if I wake up. Then I’m not going to miss out on anything or anyone that day, because I get another 24 hours to play.

You know, that’s the first, the second one and the probably the most powerful one is a feeling of gratitude. So I wake up and the first five minutes of my day is all about [00:12:00] being in grateful in a grateful state, mean. Begin to be grateful that I’m alive. That I get another day that I had a great bed, like Louis say told me that there were two routes rituals that she did every morning.

And that was to thank her bed for allowing her to have a restful night and to look at herself in the mirror and say, I love you, Louis, because that might been. The only time that day, that week or that month that somebody would have said those words to her, we have to start by loving ourselves. So I, I, I started being very grateful for my family, for the opportunities that I’ve been given and not take anything for granted.

And then immediately I get dressed and I go to the. I’ve had that habit for many years, because many years, Tony Robbins taught me that if I change my physiology, first thing in the morning, it will set not only my brain, but my body to be able to be more productive and [00:13:00] effective that day. So I trained myself to immediately not even think twice, I leave out my clothes for working out, out.

I just get my clothes, go to the gym immediately. So I spent. You know, I used to do about an hour now I’m spending about 30 minutes because I do interval training. So I means that I go really hard for one or two minutes, and then I slow down for one or two minutes, really hard for one or two minutes. So it doesn’t matter if it’s in a bicycle, if it’s I’m running or if it’s on the wind, the rowing machine, it doesn’t matter.

It’s whatever I’m doing, I’m going to do a full. For a couple of minutes and rest for one or two minutes and full force. And then I do that about five to seven times, and then I do a little bit of conditioning or strength workout just to maintain my tonicity in my muscles. And then while I’m doing that, I’m actually feeding my brain with a positive podcast.

Like you’re sore some books that I wanted to. [00:14:00] Uh, read, but then I’m doing it through audio or maybe a video that somebody sent me, uh, with some great information that I’m in the process of mastering. So I’m feeding my body. I’m feeding my mind at the same time. And then I have what is called a recovery drink to try to replenish.

Those electrolytes and those minerals and everything that my body needs to recover from that workout. And then I take a shower and I actually began to, uh, do what Brian Tracy taught me. And that is not to write your goals once a year or even once a quarter, but to rewrite your goals, every single. So, what I do is after I take a shower, my first duty is to go through my list of activities and reprioritize my goals as to what are the three to five things that need to be done immediately.

And I don’t do anything until those get done. So I leave the morning time about an hour and a half to two hours for me to complete any priorities that I [00:15:00] have. And then I can then go and be the worlds, you know, be with my clients that I meant. I have some amazing people over 68 people that have been mentoring for the last five years.

And I share with them Mason things. And then I bring them my mentors in that process, which is a beautiful thing that I’ve created. And then I can do all of my other stuff, you know, pay attention to my companies, do some service. If out there I do a lot of public speaking. I still do about 70 lectures a year.

So I’m on planes every single week. Sharing the message with as many people as I can. And then because of COVID, I started doing a lot of virtual more than ever, which allows me to reach even more people than I have been doing before. So those are my basic routines every single day. I absolutely love that.

Thank you so much for sharing your own personal morning routine. It’s so important, isn’t it? One of the, you mentioned two things that I absolutely resonated with. So strongly Louise hay. She [00:16:00] is a lot of my work is inspired by the ways and with my clients when I asked them to. Look at themselves in the mirrors, straight in the eyes and thank their body and tell them how beautiful they are.

There’s so much resistance from a lot of us in doing that. Tell me what you think about that. Why do you think we have such a problem telling ourselves, oh, why there’s so much resistance around telling ourselves how much we love ourselves, how awesome we are. I think unfortunately, most people do not like themselves.

In fact, based on studies that I have seen is over 80% of the people. Don’t like what they see, you know, in America over 70% of the people, don’t like their job, you know, they’re not engaged. They don’t like it. They wish that they have to go. So that’s a big problem because, you know, imagine your level of productivity.

If you’re not engaged, imagine your level of [00:17:00] enjoyment, you’re doing something that you hate, maybe. So I think it begins with the fact that it scares people. When you look at them with that level of unconditional love that you have it, they don’t know what to think. So when Louis, um, first started her journey, as you know, she was very much loving.

Similar to mother Teresa, the under Syrah, bubbles, the people that really got Louise to get deep into her heart, where they’re HIV positive during a very. Very different time than today. People were very scared. They were treating this individuals like if they had leprosy and they were very undesirable, nobody wanted to touch him.

Nobody wanted to be around them. Everybody thought that if I am around them, I’m going to catch it and I’m going to die. It was a very difficult time. And when she would share stories about those times with me, she would open up. Her heart would open up because it’s similar to mother Teresa, when she would walk the streets of [00:18:00] Calcutta.

We’re thousands of people walk every day, but nobody notices the ones laying in the streets, abandoned the children that are just laying there. The people that have nothing, the people that are struggling with a health condition and she sat down and got on her knees and started taking care of them, seen in them.

The beauty of their spirit and not necessarily all these imperfections that we have as humans. So when Dyer taught me many years ago, something that changed my life, it was about 30 years ago. And he said, one of the things that I’ve done in my life is to truly appreciate that we are not human beings living a spiritual experience, or we’re actually.

Spiritual beings living a human experience. So when will say to me that his secret was always to look at the spirit inside the person, rather than the imperfections of humanity. The problem is, as you look at that individual, they only see [00:19:00] imperfection. So they get scared. So they get defensive. They don’t know how to feel because how many people have done that to them.

You know, maybe even their parents have never done that to them, their loved ones, you know, that they go to bed every night with maybe haven’t done it to them because nobody really teaches us how to connect, you know, in a deeper level than just a superficial routines and experiences that we have in our routine days without really having that intimacy and connection like we were meant to have as human beings.

I could not agree with you more, especially the part about a spiritual being, living a human existence. That is so powerful. I think if there was one thing people took out of this conversation, it’s trying to have an awareness of that wherever you are in that journey of understanding and that if we can really look at ourselves with [00:20:00] unconditional love, We can realize that the world is connected or all of us human beings are connected.

And then, you know, all of that loves spreads around. I’m so passionate about that. So thank you for bringing that up. That was beautiful. When, when people see themselves, I noticed that they see a probability, you know, maybe they are comparing themselves with other. Maybe they think that if I was born in this circumstances, I will never get to do this and that I will never get to have a solid job that pays me.

I will never be able to be financially. I will never be able to go to school and maybe get a degree. I will never be able to be a professional, you know, so I help people recognize that we were never meant to be a probability. We are a possibility and possibility thinking. Anything you can [00:21:00] think of, you can actually attract it’s like Napoleon hill told us many years ago that when the minus spans, he never goes back to its original size.

So your mindset, I see it expanding. It gives you the opportunity to recognize, you know, what, if that’s happening for her, why can’t it happen for me? It makes you question. Or maybe somebody has an inner feeling that they saw themselves as a famous singer, even though they live in the projects and they have nothing and you know, but you know, they still have that dream inside of them.

So most people unfortunately allow other people to rope those dreams in which they will never actually. Experienced that. And then unfortunately that’s what makes our cemeteries, the biggest treasure in the world because people die with their dreams that were their potential inside of them. And the reality of it is when you look at a cemetery, I feel [00:22:00] compassion for the people that, that.

Not becoming the scientists that they were meant to be the artists that they were meant to be the transformational leaders that were meant to be the politicians that were meant to be because someone out there did not believe in them. And they allow them to rub that dream and say, you know what, you’re probably right.

I will never be able to do that. And I say, don’t understand that if ambition comes to you, It’s because you’re the one to be able to achieve it. So I’ve learned that when I have this big ideas, because in my life I’ve been in a position that I’ve always been very young and everything I’ve done. So there’s no really precedence for a lot of things that I’ve done.

So I always say to myself, expect rejection. Nine out of 10, people are going to tell you that’s not possible fab. No one has done that at your age and no one is going to do this. And that was it. That’s never been done. And [00:23:00] I S I aspected, so I don’t take it personally. In fact, I expect that as a way of reaffirming, that it, that many people are against that is because I got something so special.

That they did not get. So I see it as a gift and I treasure that gift and I see it through, because I know. That he was given to me, no somebody else, but me. And then I have a mantra whenever I do something that I’m a little bit uncomfortable, which I do a lot of uncomfortable things because I’ve learned to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in my mantra is really great.

I’m going to share with you. I barely share this, but I’ve been doing this for many, at least 35, 36 years. So whenever I put myself in a position that I feel a little bit insecure, uncertain, oh my God, am I going to be able to pull this off? I say to myself, this was Jackie. I say, even at my worst [00:24:00] and better than most, even at my worst, I’m better than most.

That gets me through the unsightly, the fear and allows me to realize. It’s going to be okay. Yeah. Maybe I’m not going to be perfect, but you know what? I’m going to be better than most. And he needs to be done and you get perfect by doing and doing so. I’m never going to get better unless I keep doing.

But most people never take that first step. How many people have told me? Oh, fab. I’ve been wanting to write a book for 10, 20 years and I’m like, what’s taking you so long. And it’s because they want it to be perfect. And I said, look, it’s not going to be perfect. I can tell you that I’ve written four books.

I just wrote my fifth one is not going to be perfect, but you know what, it’s not the only book that you’re going to write. So take it as a journey experience. So start with one learn from. Make the next one a little bit better. Make the next one a little bit better. Make the next one a little bit better until [00:25:00] you realize a master in the art of writing.

A great thank you so much. I feel really, it’s so special that you shared your own personal was vulnerable about that. Cause. Even at your worst, you’re better than most. I mean, that is that to me, that if he demises how much integrity you have fab, it’s just, thank you so much for sharing that with the audience we have all learned so much.

It’s interesting. Isn’t it? Because you honed in on action. You’re such an action taker. I mean, look at what you have created in your amazing ecosystem of books, your TV show, your podcast, your coaching groups. Like it’s all, but it’s all about taking action. Isn’t it. So I think you’ve hit on the two things for me that are a beautiful union and the shortcut, like how to make sure that you’re what you’re focusing on grows.

So how [00:26:00] to make sure your visions become a reality. So creating that. Impression, and then you go for it, but you can’t just have one without the other. You have, you know, it’s interesting because I’m a big fan of Pareto and Pareto law that says that 20% of what we do yield 80% of the results. So if you look at the 80 20 rule, which we’ve been teaching for many years, I found the mindset.

It begins always with mindset because the mindset is what creates the potential for something to become. So the mindset is always the precursor. It’s always the beginning. But I’ve learned that it’s about 20% of the effectiveness of getting there. So there’s a lot of people that would tell you. Yeah, I’m thinking more positive and I’m doing meditations and I’m doing visualizations and I’m doing affirmations, but they never do an action behind it.

And I learned that about 80% of. It’s [00:27:00] truly massive action. That is very much aligned with your goal or objective. So you got to have an objective, right? I want to do this. I want to double my business in one year. Okay. That’s a very simple objective, but now you sit down and you say, okay, let’s look at the different components of my business and what would it take for me to actually double my business?

So you break it down into activities. And those activities must be very clear as to what am I going to do on a sink on every single day. Because if he’s not created on a daily basis is not going to necessarily manifest itself as quickly as it could. And that’s why I really think that Brian Tracy was very wise when he said that after teaching goal settings for over 60 years, he realized it wasn’t about the goal settings.

Once in a while. It’s about rewriting your priorities of your [00:28:00] goals every day, because life is constantly changing. So maybe your kids are your priorities today, but maybe your business is tomorrow. Maybe your husband is today. Maybe your sister is tomorrow. It doesn’t matter. You have to be able to reprioritize according to what is going on with you that day what’s priority was valuable to you that day.

So I learned to be able to recognize. That I have to do those activities on a daily basis and what I do, I write them down and then I put them in my schedule. I spread them around throughout the month. So every single day I have at least three activities that I know are very much aligned towards my goal.

If I have more, that’s fine, but at least three. And then I put three every single day and I spread them out. If I come up with 50 activities, I’m going to make sure that every single day I have at least three. And of course, if you do that, you have a much greater chance in achieving what it is [00:29:00] that you want to achieve.

Absolutely. And thank you for sharing your, the way that you schedule too. Cause I think that’s another thing that sets you apart. You’re an action taker, but super practical. And so for people that are just like, uh, not list writers or anything like that, or maybe they make a list of a hundred things and then you end the day and you feel like such a failure.

I think. The only thing I love about that is from the aid that frog book, let’s see, you’ve put your three things and you don’t do anything until those three things are crossed off and then you’re a winner. So I think it’s about how do we make sure people are always reinforcing this winner in them rather than the failure, because there’s a huge difference to the acceleration of your success.

Isn’t it. Yeah. And, and when you do that and you prioritize your activities, what happens is you realize that most of us live in distraction. So one of the things that I’ve learned is that most people don’t put their priorities in their [00:30:00] schedule. So then what I always tell them is if your agenda SMT, then your agenda will become somebody else’s agenda.

And that’s really what we’ve seen. If you have a block of time that you have said, okay, I’m going to take this down for myself. Most of the time you don’t get to do yourself because everybody else out there is pulling on you because universally you send a message. Hey, I’m available between nine and 12.

But if you have every single line, every single minute time with something of value, then what happens is when somebody calls you, what’s going to happen. You’re going to say, you know, Mary, I would love to help you, but my calendar, my agenda is full today. I do have a break between five and six this afternoon.

If that works for you, I would love to re reconnect with you at that time. And you know what Mary does, Mary will call somebody else or she’ll figure it out. And that all of a sudden, it’s not on your plate anymore and you don’t feel guilty. Oh my gosh, I needed to be there for [00:31:00] marriage. We’re not here to do anybody.

Else’s agenda. We’re here to do our agenda. You know, unfortunately I find that so many people allow their agenda to be robbed by everybody else because they just don’t take the time to have a full agenda every single day. I absolutely. That was, for me, that was such a mic drop moment. Like not having people rub your agenda because you could, I often think I could spend all day, every day responding to people’s messages.

And so I’m going to take some tips from your book, but I do locking time, every moment allocated, including my restore time. So yeah, that’s what I do. I start my day with. Nurture me so I can then have to give, but if I keep waking up and going into everybody else’s agenda, then all of a sudden I’d be pleased.

And I get to the point that either I’m going to start resenting people for always feeling, oh my gosh, they’re calling, they’re [00:32:00] texting they’re messaging, they’re emailing, et cetera. Instead of being grateful that others find that I have some value to offer them. It’s a whole different mindset. I see sometimes celebrities, right?

I’ve been in that space for awhile. And I see some celebrities that have been celebrities for 30, 40, 50 years. And they are the most humble people. When a fan comes over and says, may I take a picture with you? May I get an autograph? And then I’ve seen those celebrities that they have maybe one, one thing that they’ve done.

And they treat others. Like if this, the biggest upsetting requests that they’ve ever received and, you know, don’t you see I’m with my family, don’t, you know, go over there and sit down. I don’t want to do that right now. I’ve seen that. And what I’ve learned is a matter of. Being grateful for the position that you’re in to be able to serve others.

You know, that movie Spider-Man has a beautiful quote that says with much success or comes a lot of [00:33:00] responsibility, right? So you have to be willing to recognize that our success has responsibility attached to it because how we respond to that success will be fine. The person that would be. And he with it, it can stay humble or we can be an egomaniac and think that the world revolves around us and that’s going to start destroying a lot of relationships and a lot of things in our lives.

Couldn’t agree more. Couldn’t agree more. And you know, you have so much integrity in doing that. It’s really, uh, beautiful to see how much gratitude you have to live a life of service. And, yeah. Thank you. Is there anything you’re personally working on now to move you along your own spiritual journey? Wow.

I’m always working on some that severity of life. I would say right now. Is, you know, I launched a new company two [00:34:00] weeks ago as taken about a year to get to this point. And it’s about providing a level of service, like I had not provided before, and that’s been great, but it’s also teaching them. How to balance when, you know, when we’re in launch mode, as you know, we gotta be all decks, you know, oh, people in many assists, you go so hard and I’ve been at that pace for the last few months.

So last week I just took a week off and I went to the most beautiful place. And now I’m actually thinking of moving there because I was so taken by it that I couldn’t believe, you know, that you could be in a place that’s that beautiful and that peaceful. And so. Taking time for you when you feel your need.

It is very important because during the pandemic I’ve been every tired twice in my life. And during the pandemic, I been going pretty hard because the demand is so high and in the [00:35:00] work that I do, not only in the health space, but also in the personal development space. So I got two huge demands coming my way.

And of course I’m waking up every day trying to be of service because when millions of people are being impacted at the same time, this is very unprecedented in our lives. So when I do media, I have to inspire them not to be afraid of this virus. To recognize the empowerment of their own health to try to teach them mindset and habits that would allow them to be healthy during this difficult time.

So that way, even if they get exposed, they have a better chance of not having symptoms of baby, just getting through it with very minor, you know, symptoms instead of ending up in a hospital, et cetera, which are typically the people that have compromised health bodies and, and which are as, you know, a lot of people out there due to the obesities and due to.

The diabetes and due to the heart disease and all the things that we know that we call the chronic illnesses [00:36:00] I’m working right now on trying to maintain my it’s an evolution always, but trying to maintain my work balance relationship, my work in peace relationship. Even during the most difficult demanding times, because I’ve done this before and I’ve been in positions that I have to go hard for a year or two in order to create what I want to create.

But I did it not as balanced in those days when I was very young. And now I take, I don’t take that for granted. I realized that you can build something great without ever losing your sense of balance. So balance to me is, is something that. I’m getting reminded more and more, especially with the last two years, the way that it’s been and launching also this new company, I love that you said that you took some time to restore and that you.

Had an awareness that you were on that path [00:37:00] too. You know what? 75% of people are reporting themselves as being burnt out enough that the world health organization is classified as an occupational phenomenon. Like it’s become such everyday language. So. What I love people to realize he’s listened to the signs, uh, that you met and you’re human.

So you, you’re an ambitious and courageous and you’re a yes. And an action-taker. So of course, you’re going to have a natural tendency to move towards that place. I’m so glad that you went away. So tell me this, you are a yes. Take, you are putting more tools in your toolkit and saying yes to opportunities and putting yourself in those courageous situations.

What adventure I you saying? Yes to. So the place that I went to is a private island that is alpha Miami, Florida called Fisher island. And I’ve never had an Oprah. I lived in Miami for a while [00:38:00] and I’ve been there many times. And I’ve never been in a place where there’s only 800 people in the island, 400 homes and, and it’s all contained and you can only get there by boat or by helicopter.

And I’ve never experienced anything that peaceful that when you were there, you don’t feel connected with any restlessness going on in the world is completely. Ecosystem where you have the most beautiful private beaches, you have the most beautiful nature it’s just beyond. So what I’m working towards is trying to make that experience that I have for a week, my life, because I was there and I said, why am I not living like this every day?

Why do it, I have to wait to take a break and not live like this every day. So immediately I contacted while I was there, the realtors and they found me two places and we’re now going back and forth. [00:39:00] And if everything goes well, I’ll be there in the next two months because I want to experience that now every day.

And that’s really the thing that the lesson for me was is that when you are aware of what is possible, then be true to yourself and do it look at the people that have written beautiful songs. And they do one song. And then you look at those artists that seem to be putting hits every single year for 10, 20, 30 years.

What is the difference between those two? I believe that some people feel they got lucky and all of a sudden they were not capable of recreating. Well, other ones knew that was just the beginning of a journey. The same with bestselling authors, you know, Deepak Chopra, Heela, and Brian, Tracy are probably the two most prolific book writers that I know they love to write books per year.

Wayne data, his books every two years, but many of my friends that write a lot of books. And I’m also wondering why [00:40:00] does so many people hesitate to write a book when for other. It’s a mission that they feel like they have to master a subject so they can share with the world, some have a big problem and then do it again and then do it again and then do it again.

And they feel like that’s part of their calling. And that’s because they recognize the value in doing that. Even though, as you know, writing a book, it’s not the easiest thing in the world for most people, but it’s one of the most rewarding things that somebody can do in their life. Oh, my goodness. That is beautiful.

And that would be a fantastic place to write your next book. Oh, that’s the thing. And so I looked at it as a way of saying, okay, this is going to be my next phase of ultimate health, ultimate living. And at the same time I started thinking, oh my gosh, here, I have people that come in and they fly in to me with me for four hours, half a day or a full day.

And I put them up next door in a [00:41:00] hotel, beautiful hotel, and they spend the day with me. And then I’m like, and here I am in Dallas, Texas, which is beautiful, but it’s nothing like where the silent is. So I said, why not create an island growth experience, where they get to truly experience what I experienced in a way that they will be transformed for life.

And they will recognize that anything is possible as long as she. Feel as possible because that’s really what matters is if you give yourself permission to shift your belief system and don’t let it be what others have tried to make it, you create whatever it is. And then that belief system. And then I said, wow, I bet you that there’s not any doctor like me that will live in that island.

Why not offer a few people that I would take care of them? And be able to then build another business model like that, because I haven’t been able to go back to practice because anytime I’m on TV, I get a thousand people wanting [00:42:00] to see me as their doctor. And so I can do a regular practice, but in this place that is so different.

Then it will be a whole different story because then they don’t, those people don’t want to leave the island and they don’t want to go it’s seven minutes away, you know, in a ferry or on a boat, but they don’t want to leave. I said, well, why not create a practice? That will be a very casual practice. Only to support those people like I do now.

I support very few people, but they’re very exclusive people and, but do it in a way that actually will create a wonderful value to the people that live there. And then imagine where that could lead. You know, when somebody is so grateful that my gosh, you’re helping me when I had a hard time finding somebody in the city or I don’t like the back and forth, and now I’m able to be here and be able to get that done.

So in my mind, I’m already thinking of three or four new business. I Pierce is going to be there, but [00:43:00] at the same time, remember, it’s not about just your piece. It’s about your contribution to be contributing everywhere I go, because otherwise my life has no meaning. I know that’s the essence of my meaning is that I’m bringing value to others.

And that’s how I condition my life. Oh, to, to millions and millions around the world. I didn’t even think you have a perception of the, the expansion of your influence ascend. Now you’re on a podcast within Australia. Yeah. And I know you have a little bit steady and friends. I love that. It reminds me of getting back to family practice and how beautiful is that?

One of the things I’m so passionate about is elevating the standard of healthcare globally and helping people to. Have enough knowledge that they can have a conversation with their healthcare practitioner, so that it’s an equal conversation. It’s not the practitioners sort of guiding everything. The patient is the future doctor, I suppose.

Right. And I think right now, as doctors, [00:44:00] as providers is very important for us to recognize that the pandemic has. Tremendous amount of distrust among the provider world. So patients right now are really looking for who can they really trust? There’s so many opinions everybody’s bringing their data, but it’s all conflicting.

Even within the same industries at the same healthcare specialties, we’re seeing complete chaos, like I’ve never seen in 35 years being a doctor. So the consumer right now is looking for who can they really trust? And for somebody to trust you, you have to earn that. It’s not something that somebody will just give to you.

You have to earn it and you earn it by doing your due diligence. Speaking, always, you know, from the perspective of this is what this says, this is what they says, you know, common sense will say, I’m leaning more towards this. What do you think is your bias? I’m here to facilitate your [00:45:00] healing. I’m not here to heal you.

I’m only a facilitator. You know, so many of my providers cause I’ve trained thousands of providers and a lot of times their ego takes over and they say, I can fix that in no time. And I’m like, whoever gave you the right that you can fix anything. Because as far as science is concerned, the body is the only one that has the ability to heal anything.

Now we, as providers can facilitate that. By somehow creating the right environments for the body to heal, introducing some holistic ways for the body to heal, you know, feeding the right nutrients to the body so we can heal whatever the case may be doing. Electromagnetic techniques that are very effective.

Whatever. And those are the people that I believe will be able to sustain their practices during this difficult time. In fact, they’re the ones that are growing their practices, because the word of mouth, when you can find somebody, you can really trust, escalate so high, then all of a sudden people are just bragging and telling about you [00:46:00] at a time that most people are actually putting health as a priority.

So for 30 years, Jackie. I asked the question, and this is a great question for a provider to ask a patient. Tell me the three things you value the most in your life. People are not used to answering that question. Did you know that for 30 years, health was less than 20%, 20% of the answers, less than 20% of the people ever put health as a top priority in their lives.

Now it’s over 80%. Because they’re fearful about their health. They hear about it MTV every single day. So they’re putting health as a priority. They just don’t know what that means. Right. For some people is if I get the vaccine, that’s going to be it. Now we know that people are saying the vaccine cannot exempt you from this and that.

Right. I get to report on that every single day. [00:47:00] So what I’m trying to tell people and help them understand is that. We have been trained for years to look at your body as the greatest source of healing. Anything from the outside in is an added value, but it’s never the source of. And definitely no chemistry has ever been created to heal anything.

They manage symptoms. So yes, maybe the vaccine and other things are going to manage some symptoms and decrease the potential of symptoms. And depending on what study you read, you may have some success or you may not have any success. Doesn’t really matter. The only thing I can count on is that my body has systems designed to help, to heal.

And those systems can be nurtured by the way I think about them. And by the way, I act upon them and that’s all I’m trying to help people do is get empower rather than the disempowerment that is going on. That everybody’s feeling like a victim of this when you read. [00:48:00] This is not meant to victimize us as humanity.

This is only made to make us wake up and realize, Hey, we need to take a more engagement opportunity when it comes to our health, because there are things out there that can actually threaten our health. This is one thing, there are many things out there that can threaten her. But still the number one and the number two reason why people are still not as healthy is the lack of proper nutrients inside the cell and the lack of activity, physical activity.

I mean, everybody knows that, right? I got to eat better and I have to exercise more, but he said one thing, most people are not willing to do. Because they haven’t reached that point of recognizing that they’re in control. They still think that if they take something, that’ll take care of it or that will make it go away.

If I eat the bad food and the, I can take all these antioxidants, I’m going to be okay and I’ll pop them off every meal. If I don’t take care of my health and I have to take all this low blood pressure [00:49:00] medication or a heart preventative medication or whatever. And in reality, we realized. Those things.

That’s not the intention of those things. You know, cardiovascular people would tell you that they want you to exercise. They want you to eat better. They’re so accustomed with people not wanting to do that, that they just given up and they just prescribing prescribed because they don’t know what else to do.

So the individual is the one responsible, it’s not your doctor’s responsibility to make your healthy, it’s yours. They’re there to support you in your choices. So I, in my book, the power of self healing, one of the things that I found out when I interview over 50 people that got healed, when medicine and traditional allopathic healthcare told them that they could not heal, it was, they had a holistic doctor as part of their team.

It could have been a chiropractor. It could’ve been a homeopathy doctor. It could’ve been a iridologist. It could’ve been a nutritionist. It could have been an energy medicine expert. It could have been [00:50:00] osteopathy could have been anything. But the reality is the fact that the reason they were able to heal is because that different perspective.

What’s what the body needed. See when an allopathic doctor tells you, I can’t help you. It’s because there’s not a medicine that can help you manage those symptoms anymore. But holistic doctors not going to look at how to manage your symptoms. They’re going to try to find out what got you there in the first place.

And is there anything that we can do to correct that and let’s see how your body responds. Very different philosophies, right? One empowers the person to take responsibility for their health. The other one, this empowers you by being dependent on somebody else for your head. And I learned that early on in my life and why I chose not to be a neurosurgeon and why I chose to be a doctor of chiropractic because in those days we didn’t have functional medicine.

We didn’t have integrative medicine. We didn’t have any of this holistic medicine. We only had chiropractic promoting holistic health [00:51:00] acupuncture, promoting holistic health. And so I became all of it. I became an acupuncturist. I became a chiropractor. I became a nutritionist. Why? Because I just wanted, I wanted information.

I wanted to know how I can empower somebody to take ownership of their health. And that’s been my life mission for the last 35 years. It’s so beautiful. It’s mine too. It’s so true. How, uh, perfect that we are. Landing on the body has a beautiful, innate ability to heal itself. And I pray for people to bring that into their sphere and to try and adopt that as a philosophy and be empowered, seek out education and information so that you can make informed choices because we don’t have the health and education system, the school system that’s teaching.

That yet. So I train, I love working with mamas [00:52:00] because if the, if we can empower the mom, who’s mostly the nucleus of the family, then she can impart that education to everybody around. I love what you’re saying. I love what you say. And, and, you know, one of the things that I learned also, and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done so much media, but in media, they teach us that we have to speak at a fifth grade level as providers educate.

We are so overly trained and educated that sometimes it’s difficult to simplify it, you know, and we need to be able to do that. We also need to be brief because the attention span is so slow that you can’t just keep talking and talking and you have to engage that patient with a question. So I find that it’s better to ask questions and to tell statements to patients because you want them to see where they are and you want them to actually answer their own question.

And then number three is you have to be relevant. You have to actually tie in the [00:53:00] message to something that’s important to them. The reason that I was asking that question of what are the three things you value the most, because if you came to me and you put family as your top value, right? And then all of a sudden you have back pain.

I’m not going to talk to you about the back pain. I’m going to talk to you how to be a better mother, how to be a better wife, how to be a better daughter, because that’s your priority, that’s your value and the treatment and the things that we’re going to be doing together is to support you. So you have the ability to be your best in the things you did.

And that’s what allowed me to be so successful in practice is because I wasn’t talking about the things I felt they were interested in. I realized that patients come to you and not because they’re in pain, they come to you because their pain is keeping them from doing something they love. Exactly. You got to talk that.

And then when we talked that the patients now, all of the sudden become more engaged, they become a better patient. And now they’re benefiting [00:54:00] with all the wonderful things that we know we can offer. So true. So beautiful. Thank you, fab. Is there anything that you would like to share before we stop? I think that in closing, I would say that don’t let your current circumstances define your destiny.

You know, many of us make choices based upon where we are, where we’ve been, where we are. But in reality, I’ve learned that we should do something is a principle that you call this act as if, you know, some people use a different way of saying it is fake it until you make it. But act as if is, find out what it is that you truly want.

Interview two or three people that are doing it and find out how are they thinking about it and what are they doing about it? And begin to act like that, even though you’re not there yet. [00:55:00] And what I learned in my life, and it didn’t matter whether it was in my professional life or in my personal life that he began to act as the person I was destined to be instead of the current person than I am.

I have a better chance of arriving. Right. Some people now put it in a different light. Some people will say, what, if you had a conversation with your future self, what do you think your future self would tell you? You know, that is 30 years ahead, 50 years ahead. What would they tell you? Slow down, pay attention, get out of that toxic environment, you know, limit that destroying relationship, whatever.

And then all of a sudden you begin to recognize, wow. What if I start acting like that. So don’t add based upon where you are. Don’t think that all that is possible is because of where you are, think bigger and realize that it’s happened for others. So it can happen for you. You just have to be clear about what it is that you [00:56:00] want.

And if you’re clear about that, it’s much easier to get. Thank you so much. I agree. Asking for what you want. One of the things I teach people is how to actually ask for what you want and not what you don’t want. So, because if you ask someone that the answer that I often get is. One to put on weight, or I don’t want to be in pain.

So you reinforcing what you want with those words, weight and pain, instead of a life of abundance and service and peace. And me, the energy around those words are just so completely different. One has resistance and one is so free, full of hope. So it’s a fab. Thank you so much for taking such beautiful time.

Valuable time. You are a busy man, uh, ambitious and courageous and so full of integrity and humanity. I absolutely adore you. I can’t wait. To read your [00:57:00] next book at your incredible, the life of service that you lead. So on behalf of everybody listening that you influence in the world, thank you for all that you give.

You are a true angel. Thank you so much. Thank you for what you do too. And for inviting me to be a part of this conversation. So grateful. Thank you so much for listening to our, so we are so thankful you are here and we can’t do the show without you. And if you made it to the end of this episode, celebrate yourself because it means you are truly dedicated to feeling better in your health, in your career, in your relationships.

And. So proud of you and if you want more of the field better now, so tune in every Monday and Wednesday for new episodes and you can subscribe. So you don’t miss out on all the guidance and any special bonus episodes. You can follow me on social media at Jackie Belker. And if you want the chance to have your question answered or [00:58:00] be on a coaching call with me live, you can sign up at feel better.

institute.com. Slash signup again, that’s feel better. institute.com/sign up, signing out. See you next week, Jackie. Bye.

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