01: How To Attract The Life You Dreamed Of with Dr. Bruce Lipton

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If there was ever a time to think about your life, your health, and our planet, and us as an extension of nature, it’s now. How can we tap into the power of our beliefs and use them to be loving, happy, and healthy spiritual beings?

This week, Jackie talks with Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, and an internationally-recognized leader in immunology and biology.

Bruce explores, in detail, our conscious and subconscious minds, and how to use our consciousness to create harmony among our 50 trillion cells.

Jackie and Bruce chat about the founding father of quantum physics, Max Planck, who inspired him to write the books The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles and The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth.

Tune in to dive deep on Psych-K, a simple, powerful, and effective way to transform beliefs. Bruce teaches us that knowledge is power, you are in control. The key is to own our own consciousness, which drives our biology.

Enjoy this transformational interview with the Dr. Bruce Lipton, a loving, hilarious, totally huggable storyteller who unleashes the power of consciousness, matter, and minds.

Key Topics and Tips

●  How Bruce came to believe in love instead of violence by studying cells

●  The difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind

●  How to reprogram your subconscious using the power of energy psychology

●  Why falling in love and existing in the honeymoon effect is the same as taking the “red pill” in the Matrix

●  How Psych-K changed Bruce’s life… and how it can change yours, too

●  How consciousness can create and eliminate cancer

●  How being in a constant state of stress diminishes our health

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Memorable Quotes

“People think that as you go down and down and down there’s less intelligence. My return joke about it is: ‘The cells created us.’ We’re an expression of cellular harmony and cellular intelligence and cellular community.” (3:35, Bruce)

“Quantum physics starts with you as the creator.” (9:10, Bruce)

“Thinking is an inside job. The moment I start thinking, my subconscious program is the autopilot. It steps in and takes over.” (14:39, Bruce)

“Every one of us, every day, are playing programs not from our conscious mind, but from the subconscious that we downloaded from other people so that they’re not even our wishes and desires. They’re just programs from others. […] You’re not creating the life you want. Your subconscious program is creating the life that it’s been programmed to create.” (17:27, Bruce)

“‘The brain translates your thoughts into complementary chemistry. A positive, loving thought releases loving chemistry in your brain. (29:46, Bruce)

“Consciousness is what created the cancer, and the change in consciousness is what eliminated the cancer. (46:43, Bruce)


01: How To Attract The Life You Dreamed Of with Dr. Bruce Lipton

[00:00:00] Every one of us every day are playing programs, not from our conscious mind, but from the subconscious that we downloaded from other people. So they’re not even our wishes and desires. They’re just progress from others. You’re not creating the life. You want your subconscious programs, creating life. It’s been programmed to create.

Hi there. Welcome to the field better now, podcast. I’m your host, Jackie Balca. And if you’ve arrived here, no, there is something in here to spark yourself to create a better future in your health, in your career, in your relationships for both yourself. And for those around you, just one small action step at a time with so much love and gratitude to be your guide.

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Jackie back. How can we tap into the power of our [00:01:00] beliefs and use them to be loving, happy, healthy, spiritual beings? If there was ever a time to think about your life, your health and our planet, and us as an extension of nature, it’s now and the person best to talk about this, in my opinion, is the amazing prestigious warm, so loving and humble.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, not only is he an internationally recognized leader in science, in immunology biology. And he’s a former medical school professor and research scientist. Bruce explores in detail, our conscious and subconscious minds, how to use our consciousness to create the harmony of our 50 trillion cells.

We chat about our founding father of quantum physics maximum. The poster child for his genius book, biology of belief, where he truly was ahead of his time and nation with Johnny, the concept of the honeymoon effect a concept so profound, he wrote a book about it, his own personal love affair of finding Margaret [00:02:00] after transforming 50 years of unhealthy relationship programming, we chat about site K a simple, powerful, and effective way to transform beliefs, which has upgraded both of our lives and how you can get that to Bruce teaches me that knowledge is power.

You are in control. We have to own our own consciousness, which drives out biology. Enjoy this transformational interview with the Dr. Bruce Lipton, loving, hilarious, totally huggable storyteller who unleashes the power of consciousness matter and minds. Well, welcome. Welcome. Welcome. The Bruce Lipton, my personal hero.

So privileged and excited to be here with you today. Welcome. I am more privileged because I so love to, uh, talk to people out in the world that are making a difference. People that are making an effort to get us to thrive through this time of chaos. And so I know that your work is very [00:03:00] much involved with helping people change their behavior so they can learn to live in harmony with this world instead of stressing themselves as we’re experiencing right now.

He captured it so beautifully. And so I think that’s a really good segue to talk about how you came to believe in love instead of violence in the first place. Well, the cells that I was studying, they taught me everything. Everything I’ve talked to you about today, I probably downloaded from the intelligence of the cells.

I always laugh about it because intelligent all the cells, you know, it’s like, oh, we talk about like, humans are intelligent and a dog that’s close, that’s intelligent, but not like us. And then, uh, you know, he’d go down and a bird. And then I say a snail. I said, well, that one’s got intelligence. And I go, and now I’m talking about cells.

And the beautiful part about it is people think as you go down and down and down, there’s less and less intelligence. And then my return joke about it. The cells [00:04:00] created us. We’re an expression of cellular harmony and cellular intelligence and cellular community. And I go, why is it relevant? There’s 50 trillion cells in your body.

Each cell is like a citizen, like a miniature human. A cell has a job and they work and they live in a community and all that kind of stuff like that. And I go 50 trillion cells under your skin. And if you’re a happy, healthy person, what does that mean? It means you have 50 trillion citizens and joining health and happiness because you are them.

If you’re enjoying it, oh, that’s 50 trillion cells. They’re enjoying it. Maybe we have something to learn because for millions of years, these cells have lived to work in harmony. They work together. They can express health and vitality and all that. If the leadership of the community of cells goes astray, then the community could collapse.

And I go, what does that mean? In a cellular community? I go disease diseases, a breakdown of the community. And then we say, [00:05:00] oh everybody, oh, diseases due to the genes. I go, absolutely not less than 1% of disease is genetic origin. Okay. Less than 1%. I go, well, we’re living in a whole global healthcare crisis all over the planet, you know?

And I love to use us as an example, being the U I go, we spend the most money on healthcare and we got some of the worst statistics of a population sick, and I’m going well, then the money didn’t make us any better. I go, no, not at all. It just made a lot of people rich, but you didn’t get well. And it was like money.

Doesn’t make you. Healing is coming from us. So if I go, go back to the moment, I said, we have 50 trillion cells. I said there was a community of miniature people, and I go our mind, our consciousness as a government. So why is that relevant? Very simple fact, if you’ve got a good government and everybody in community’s happy, we’ve got a crappy government, you got a riot on your hands.

And the difference is a happy cellular community is a happy, [00:06:00] healthy human body. That enjoys being on this planet. And if your government, your consciousness is not supportive of that, it will lead to a breakdown of the community. And I go, well, when my community is in harmony, harmony is health. When my community is in a state of disharmony, That’s a state of disease.

And for all the years we kept blaming disease. It’s like, oh, there’s something wrong with a cell or something, blah, blah, blah. Not me. I’m just a victim of the disease. And I go, no, you are a creator. These, if you have the knowledge of how you are controlling your biology and genetics, well, then you have an opportunity to create something wonderful and happy, enjoyable.

If you have no knowledge that you keep hitting your head against the wall and bouncing all over the place, thinking that, oh my God, it’s running out of control. I got. You are in control your mind over matter. Oh, that’s the new way. Gee, I got no, man. That’s not new agey. That is the most fundamental beginning of life in [00:07:00] the whole world is that we have to own the responsibility that our consciousness is translated into our biology, a healthy consciousness.

You’ve got a healthy biology. Uh, and unfortunately a compromised consciousness is not going to produce health is going to produce disease. Quantum physics, the most valid science I’d like to acknowledge it is the most tested and affirm to be true by principle from day 1, 19 27, they won founding father of quantum physics, max plank.

He said the mind is the matrix of all matters. What the hell is that the mind is the creator of all matter. And I go mind over matter. I go, that’s exactly what quantum physics says. And we’re making matter out of our consciousness. We’re making the physical world that we live in and [00:08:00] see as an illusion of energy.

So quantum physics had been saying that since 1927, I go even in a recent article and I love it because the article was in a journal called nature nature. The most prestigious scientific journal on this planet had an article from a physicist at a big university in the states, Johns Hopkins university.

And, uh, the physics article, it’s only a one page article, cause it was a review basically. And I say, you can read it. And it’s like, oh, so it sounds a little complicated. And I go, it might sound complicated, but let me give you a piece of information and how to assess, just read the last sentence. The universe is in material.

It’s mental and spiritual live and enjoy. That was a conclusion in scientific article. What does say, this is an illusion of what mental and spiritual activity. And I go, so why is it relevant? Well, we control mental and spiritual activity. So what, then we’re in charge [00:09:00] of our behavior, our life, our expression on this planet, our relationships, everything we do, because we’ve been programmed to believe, oh, we’re victims of things and you’re a victim.

And I go, what is victim defined us? And I’ll tell you what it is. Powerless. And therefore, then we look for outside, give you outside. People fix me up here and I’m going, Hmm. Quantum physics starts with you as the creator. And the only way we can get out of the hole is you have to own your responsibility.

And I say, why is that relevant? Because there’s a responsibility and understanding that your thoughts are generating. You’re not just inside biology experience. It’s your outside reality, your thoughts, you are generating it. I go, well, geez, I’ve not been doing a good job. Right? And I go, no, because you didn’t have knowledge.

And you know, the old phrase, [00:10:00] knowledge is power. I go, yeah, that’s an absolute truism. I want to say the same thing by reversing it, but the same thing, and it says a lack of knowledge is a lack of power. Because you’ve been programmed to believe that you’re just genetic automatons, living in a world of outside things influencing you.

And you’re just a victim of the world. And it’s like, well, that that’s the wrong, that’s not knowledge. It’s a lack of knowledge. Well, if we stop being a victim and start taking on the role of being conscious creators, there’s a world of change in front of you at this point in the conversation where Bruce dove into the difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

I’m an old guy, right? So I’m a happy old guy. Why? Well, for 50 years I couldn’t get a relationship off the ground. I go, why not? I said, well, my behavior compromised relationship. I go, where’d you get that behavior, Bruce? I go, my. [00:11:00] Because all children program behavior from their mother, their father, family, and their community, by observing them and downloading, I download my father’s behavior unconsciously 95% of the day, we’re playing the programs that we got, especially before age seven, the mind has two, two elements.

And if you get them confused in the world, doesn’t make sense. So I’ll say the two elements of the mind are the conscious mind, which is mainly located right behind your forehead here in the brain. And I go, so what’s the conscious mind. I said, that’s the creative mind. That’s the mind that has wishes and desires and think, oh, well, I want to be in.

I want to live in heaven. That’s creative wishes and desires underneath as a subconscious mind, I go what’s that? And I say, that’s a hard drug with programs in it. The brain is a computer. It is. Let me give you the parallel. I get a brand new company. And I get it home and I pushed start it boots up light.

The screen [00:12:00] comes on my computer and I say, okay, now do something like a drawing a spreadsheet, write a story before you can use a computer, you have to install programs into the computer. And then once the programs are in there, then you can engage the computer. So I say, you bought a brand new program.

Computer doesn’t have programs. You have to install them. I say a baby’s brain is a computer and boobs up in the last trimester of pregnancy is ready. Screens on my brain. Computer is ready. I say, do something. I say no, can why not? I say, first I have to put the programs in there. Then I can do something. I go, oh, how’d you get the programs then it’s simple.

Our brain was in a state of hypnosis, which is a vibration energy vibration wires on your head. EEG. That vibration is called feta and theta is hypnosis. And a child is a sense in hypnosis for the first seven years. And I go, so why is it relevant? [00:13:00] Because the child doesn’t have to study or learn or anything.

All it does is observe like a video camera, watch, watch your mother’s behavior. I go, you didn’t just watch it in a state of feta. You download it, her behavior, watch your father’s behavior. Oh. In a state of theta, you downloaded that. The conscious mind isn’t working during the download. And I go, so what I go, nobody’s reviewing the programs.

You’re downloading, you’re downloading raw program from your mother, your father, et cetera. So I go back to my story and I go, how do I create behavior of a relationship? I go, oh, I downloaded my father who has a relationship with my mother and I downloaded his behavior. And then. 95% of my life, which we’ll talk about coming from that behavior says, so you were trying to build a relationship on the same behavior father dealt with with your mother.

And it goes like, well, that was crap. I got, well, guess what? All of my relationships turned to crap because I was playing those behaviors. What’s the [00:14:00] resolution, which is important for both of us. And the resolution was change the damn program. And through psych I rewrote those programs. I say, so what I said for up to 50 years, I couldn’t get a relationship off the ground.

Guess what? Last 23 years, I’ve been living a honeymoon effect every day for 23 years. I said, how’d you do that? I said, I rewrote the program of relationship. I did not use my father’s programs anymore. I say, how’s that working out? I said, I wrote a book, Bubba, honeymoon of fact about relationships. I said, where the hell did I learn that.

By changing a program. We have to have programs to get our brain computer off the ground, and then we can engage those programs. But to engage those programs, the conscious mind has to be paying attention. I go, what does that mean? So what else is it? Do I say sometimes just thinking I go, what does thinking mean?

I say thinking is an inside job. The [00:15:00] moment I start thinking my subconscious program is the autopilot. It steps in and takes over. I know how to drive. It’s a habit. I learned how to drive. What’s the point. I don’t have to be conscious. I have a habit I can drive without paying attention because the subconscious can do that.

The average human thinks about 95% of the day I go. So what I said, well then 95% of the day, the average human is not using the conscious mind with wishes and desires. 95% of the day. They are defaulting to the subconscious, which is just programs. Okay. I say, so why is it wrong? Well, the 95% of our life is not coming from wishes and desires.

It’s coming from whatever damn program. How could I find a relationship when I’m playing 95% of the day? The behavior, my father showed me that I copied and now playing. And the answer is, man, of course, I couldn’t get a relationship off the ground. sucked as relationship material [00:16:00] from when I was a kid.

And I go, so why is it relevant? Because 95% of the day, we’re not creating from wishes and desires. We’re creating from programs that we acquired specially before age seven. And most of those are fraught with, uh, disempowerment, uh, limited abilities in there. You know, these programs are not that good. And then 95% of the day you’re playing them.

An example is this, you have a friend and you know, your friend’s behavior and you happen to know your friends. And one day you see your friend has some of the same behavior as their paradigm. You really want to say something go, Hey bill. You’re just like your dad back away from bill. I know exactly what bill is going to say.

I know it. And you say, wait a minute. I say, you say that bill. You’re just like your dad. And Bill’s going to say, hope, can you compare me to my dad? Like my dad? And just stand on that and argue, I’m not like my dad and I go, [00:17:00] everybody else observing your behavior has observed. You’re like your dad. You’re the only one that doesn’t see him.

I go explain that. And I said, well, we just did bill downloaded the behavior from his dad. Before he was seven, he’s thinking 95% of the day. So when he’s thinking automatic program comes in and I say, dad, relationship program, that’s playing. I say, but are you observing it when you’re playing that program?

I say, no, the reason you’re playing in the program is you’re not paying attention because you’re thinking, so whatever program is coming out, you’re the only one that doesn’t see it. Bill’s the only one that says, how can you hug a bear made up dad? My dad have nothing like, and everybody else is going to get, but I’ve observed you pick your dad all the time.

We are all bill. Every one of us every day are playing programs, not from our conscious mind, but from the subconscious that we downloaded from other people. So they’re not even our wishes and desires. They’re just progress from others. And they, as teachers are pretty [00:18:00] crappy because almost all of them have problems.

And now we got their problems. You’re not creating the life you want. Your subconscious programs, grading life. It’s been programmed agreeing. I go on relevant. Most of those programs suck. So what do you expect from your life? If you’re playing programs that are not supporting you? I was programmed from zero to one a whole year.

And I say for your program from one to two another whole year, and you’ve been programmed for two to three and another whole year, I said you were being programmed this entire time. What was your program? And the answer was you have no idea in the world because your conscious mind, which is you was not functioning during that programming.

So if I say, what was your program? You go, I don’t know. So now we’re going to help because here’s the beautiful part. 95% of your life comes from the program. So your life is a printout of your programs. And I go, so why is that [00:19:00] relevant? And then I go simply this, the things that you like, and you want that come into your.

They come in because you have a program to acknowledge that. But the things that you wish were in desire, but you can’t get to easily, your struggle, you work hard. You put a lot of effort into it. You sweat over, I’ve got to make it

white, working so hard. And the answer is this beautiful, simple, whatever that destination is, your subconscious program, doesn’t support that. And you’re trying to override your program. And I go, that’s the failure. The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful operating 95% compared to the 5% for conscious.

I go mathematically, are you kidding me? You’re not going to overrule control that program. And that’s the frustration that people have. They know they don’t like what they want, where they. And they want something different and they, they get upset because they have struggles to get there. Uh, I like this part cause a lot of them say, well, I’ll [00:20:00] give myself a good talking to who, who, by the way, are you talking to, when you’re talking to yourself?

Well, I’m talking to my program. My subconscious subconscious program is a hard drive. There’s nobody in there. You want to see how effective it is. I say you didn’t have a, a glitchy program in your computer. I go, yeah. And I say, then talk to it. Hey, come on, computer. Fix that. I don’t like that glitch. You can fix it.

Right. I don’t like it. Stop making a glitch computer and I go. Okay. Does it take to talk to your computer before program changes? And I go, it will never change that way, but then I’d leave it to you, Jackie, because you understand the process of how you can act. Solutely get into that program and change it not in months and weeks or days and minutes.

And I go, that is the miracle of everything because necessity is some other invention [00:21:00] human behavior is causing our own extinction. The only way to get out of it is to change human behavior. How do we do that? And I go, wow, fast way, energy, psychology and psyche for me is the one I’m most familiar with because my whole life was rewritten using the most powerful process, like a, uh, which every time I think about it.

Thank God, because I can write a book about the honeymoon effect, you know, uh, Wow. When you really understand love in that relationship, every level of it, it’s the most powerful, wonderful experience on this planet. And if you could live in love with your partner, then guess what? You can live in love with your neighbor, and you can live in love with your environment.

And if we did that, we would evolve from where we are to heaven on earth, which is what love ultimately can provide. [00:22:00] Oh my goodness. This is my favorite part of the conversation. Bruce shares, how falling in love and existing in the honeymoon effect is the same as taking the red pill in the matrix. As I said, we have the conscious creative mind subconscious program, mine.

I say, what’s the creative mindset wishes and desires. So what do you wish for? I said, what does the average human of nearly 8 billion humans? I said, what is the average. The wishes the same for almost all of what’s that I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I want to be safe. Uh, I want to be able to have food when I needed.

I need protection from the environment and from threats and all of that. Uh, and a job, actually, a lot of people don’t realize that they think, oh, why you don’t want to have a job. I go, no life is relevant when you have a job because you are participating. This is a common characteristic of 8 billion people.

And I go, how come in February wants the same thing having on earth. How come we [00:23:00] don’t experience that collectively I go because people are only using 5% of their creative ability to manifest that. And a honeymoon effect is what, when you stop playing the damn programs and start living off of wishes and desires.

And I go, so what’s that relative to when I go the movie, the matrix. Is not science fiction. It’s a documentary. You mean the movies premises everybody’s been programmed. I said, I already know that everybody’s been programmed to from zero to seven. That is a natural state of human biology programming when I go.

So basically the premise of the movie is right. Everybody’s been programmed, but then it comes to the cool part. They said, if you take the red pill of you get out of the program, oh, what would it be like if it got out of the program? And I go, and it’s been demonstrated by science, falling in love is the equivalent of the red [00:24:00] pill.

Why? Because you stop thinking when you fall in, love, you stay present. This person you’ve been looking for your whole life shows up and it’s like, should I be thinking about somebody? Say, no, this person is here. Stay here with them right now. And that means. If you stop thinking you stop playing the program.

I said, what is the consequence of stop thinking when you fall in love? When I go your life every day was blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you meet this person 24 hours later. You’re gone. Oh, love is so beautiful. Everything is great. The food’s great. The music’s great crappy jobs, not so crappy. I am in love you stop thinking when you fall in love, which means then your conscious mind stays in control.

And that’s a creative one, not 5%, but over 90% of the day. And I go, well, if you start creating with 90% of the day with [00:25:00] wishes and desires, that’s what you manifested heaven on earth is the honeymoon. The honeymoon is a result of what red. In this case, the red pill falling in love. And all of a sudden I said, most people experienced a little short piece of that because honeymoon didn’t last for a long time.

And I go, why not? I say, how did you get the hymen? I stopped thinking. And I started holding onto the steering wheel with my conscious mind, driving toward my wishes and desires. And I go, then what happened is that inevitably thinking comes back. Why you have a job? You have responsibilities, you got things to do.

You can’t help it. You start thinking. And so if you want to stay in love and you experienced what love was all about then, guess what, if you change those subconscious programs, then the honeymoon doesn’t end the honeymoon. How long does it go? Well, I only know 23 years because that’s how long I’ve been with Margaret, but there’s no [00:26:00] reason to stops because if the programs are changing, Then even if I’m thinking my new programs are still expressing wishes and desires, I changed them, make Mike subconscious in harmony with my conscious, this is a great conversation because I want to help people try and transfer the fear to love and move away from a garden of violence, you know, and, and get back to nature.

So how can practically, like, what can I do to do. Well, the idea is simply this first recognize this, whatever we’re creating and you recognize this because you went to psyche, whatever we’re creating, didn’t come from the outside and the sense of the origin, because it had to come from our own consciousness to manifest it.

And then I look at people and say, well, are you happy with your creation? And they go, I didn’t mean I go, you’re creating this. I said, I didn’t create this [00:27:00] violence, this disease, you know, falling apart. I didn’t create that. And I go, no, it’s your subconscious, you were programmed. To buy into the story. I go, what do you mean?

I go, Hey, the Jesuits for 400 years, I’ve told their followers the same story and people never understood what the hell did they mean that you would say, give me a child until the age of seven. And I will show you the man. If I control the first seven years of your education, the 95% of your life is going to come from those programs.

So the first seven years is programming. 95% of the rest of your life is manifesting that program. Those empower know how to program and ideas are we being programmed. We’re being programmed better than even the Jesuits could ever imagine it. You see an infant that can hardly walk with an iPad walking around like that.

It’s like, are you kidding me? The [00:28:00] infant can’t walk by. They can play on a computer. Program, and this is the wake-up call or the programs we are playing, supporting us. I go well with a global health care crisis all over the planet, I would say no. As a matter of fact, there’s destruction we are facing on this planet is not from the people.

It’s from a small group of programmers. And I said, well, who are they? I go, well, today in us, we know 1%, 1% of the people own all of everything. 99% are the victims of those, that 1% and the idea. So I need to take my power back. And I said, well, when did you lose your power answer was when you were programmed.

So how do you get your power back? I love psych case so much. Tell the story of how you met Rob originator site. K, it’s a beautiful story. Well, I see if I can make it short cause we, you know, we don’t wanna [00:29:00] spend all day on this, but basically my research revealed the nature that our consciousness was changing the composition of the blood, which is the environment for yourselves.

And so your cells adjust to the environment and that our consciousness is not always sending the best information to ourselves. Things like fear get in the way and other kinds of things like that. And I got down to understanding it’s oh my God, it’s our consciousness. That is, it’s not the genes controlling us epigenetics, which is assigned.

So. 50 or more years ago in my research, I saw, I said, oh my God, the cells are controlled by their environment. Yeah. But their environments, the blood. And I go, yeah. But the chemistry of the blood and I go, yeah, but who’s controlling the chemistry of the blood. And I go, the brain is the chemist. And then comes the most important question as well.

What chemicals should the brain be putting in to the [00:30:00] potty and to the blood. And I go, the brain translates your thoughts into complimentary chemistry, a positive, loving thought releases, loving chemistry in your brain. When you’re in love, you release dopamine into the blood. That’s pleasure, oxytocin, bonding to your loved one growth hormone.

That’s why when people fall in love, they glow, they’re healthy, healthy. Why how’d they get healthy? The blood environment now contains the hormone for an answering vitality and love. I go, well, what if you have a picture of something you’re afraid of? And I go, oh, Love chemistry is not coming out of that.

Brain’s going to release fear chemistry. You got fear. It’s going to make chemistry. That compliments fear. I’m going to go. That shuts down your biology gets you in a protection. Love opens you. Fear closes you to survive. You gotta be open because you can’t live in a, in a bubble like this. You have to have.

So I guess a wise irrelevant. I said, I’m [00:31:00] teaching everybody about the cells and the environment and the consciousness. And I say, yeah. And it comes down to the subconscious and I go, thank you very much because that’s all I want. I can leave you with the subconscious of problem. I have no idea. I’m of cell biology.

Go. What the hell is subconscious? I don’t know. All I remember is. I finished my lecture and I got the same question that I always get, which irritated the hell out of me because the question was, well, how do I train the subconscious? I go, that’s not my job. I don’t know how to do that. And I was upset because I thought the brilliance I saw in the environment and the chemistry in the genes and epigenetic, I thought that fabulous.

And at the end of my lecture, nobody asked me a question about that. That just changed. And so I get deflated. And I remember at the, in Colorado, I was giving this lecture and course the first question. And then it was like, then I was putting my computer back [00:32:00] on my briefcase, walking to the back of the classroom when the next speaker shows up.

And all I hear is I’m going to show you how to change those programs Bruce was talking about, and I go. I turned around. It’s Rob Williams up there. He said, I’m going to show you, I’m going to change somebody’s behavior right here. And I go, whoa, that’s pretty ballsy. Or Rob, you’re going to change somebody in front of this, all on his heart.

I’m going to watch. And all I remember was he asked the audience, Hey, who wants to change a belief? Well, of course, every hand with all the hands are up. I saw this woman, he saw the same woman. He called on her from the front of where he was in the lecture. And he goes, tell us your name and what you would like to change.

And everybody looked at her and all she did was glow red. I mean, it was bright red. You could have lit up the room was red. No words came out of her mouth. She just sat there. And like in total red paralyzed, Rob left, the podium, went into the audience, got side [00:33:00] beside her and said, okay, tell me your name and what you want to change.

She says, my name is Pauline and I can’t speak in public. And I go, oh, that was pretty damn obvious. You couldn’t even say her name. He goes up there and does a psyche balance, which we all know. This is really wonderful minutes, 10 minutes at the most, even less than that probably. And changes the program with her.

She changes the program through the balance. I’ll never till the day I die the unit. And after I saw, I still remember what happened. She was sitting in the chair where she was doing was like, Hey, balance. They complete the balance. They get up Rob tests that the balance has worked and then has his arm on her shoulder and turns her around to the audience and says, Pauline, would you like to describe to the audience what you just experienced?

He took his arm off her shoulder like that. And before his arm was all the way off, she was up front talking about everything, her life, her [00:34:00] history, what this happened at that happened and everything. And, um, everybody in the audience, it’s like, here’s a woman who couldn’t even say her name 10 minutes ago at low final, the line that could have been the most, best punchline of a joke was Rob had to say, Pauline, would you please sit down?

You’re using my lecture time. And it was just like, holy crap, this woman’s life changed in 10 minute. That was my first experience. I love the story that Bruce is about to share. He talks about if it wasn’t for psych K, he and Margaret would not even be, and it was ever after that, then I hooked up with Robin, started doing workshops with him, and Rob helped me because if I didn’t do psycho balances, I would never have been able to finish my book.

The biology of belief I never would have ended up with Margaret Margaret wouldn’t have ended up with me because of balance changed her life. And she didn’t believe in any of this is what [00:35:00] really great, because she was trying to finish up her college degree that she never finished. Then she was at home, the dissertation she was writing was she had to finish it for the next morning for class.

And Rob happened to be showing up and she was like, oh no, I’m showing up. I gotta be work on this. And the guys coming here because we were going to give a lecture. And he walked in and after a few minutes, you know, so she was like really unsafe. And so he asked, you know what? And she says, well, I got to work on this dissertation stuff.

Like, so Rob said, well, would you like a little help with that? You said, of course, I’ll try it. We’ll do the balance. And I know if she already was like, yeah, I’ll do it because he’s here. And she sat down in that chair and 10 minutes later, she got out of our churches. Oh my God, I am so completely different.

I know I’m completely different. I feel it, the pressure of my life has gone to stresses. I feel so free and so light. So, uh, Rob and I go off [00:36:00] to give a lecture in Oakland. She stayed home, you know, She finished it so fast that she sat down and watched the movie came out, just like just came out after the balance.

Right. And so the next day when she was in class and they turned into a dissertation teacher as well, who would like to talk about their, their dissertation? She said her hand went up faster than her mind realize such. She looked at her hands. You go like in her mind. Oh, what the hell? I don’t like the windows, but she got up.

She goes selected first, got up. And she went through the whole thing, no fear. And all of a sudden it was a recognition. I am not the same person I was before that. And although we had a great relationship, then it got infinitely better after her balance because whatever fields you had about ourselves, when it disappeared, she was so open and ready for loving, without [00:37:00] fear, loving, without problems, loving for freedom of being a love.

Hey, it’s 23 years later. We’re still, there is so beautiful. Thank you. So just sharing that story. I love it. It’s interesting though, talking about the resistance that she did feel, and I love the analogy of, of a car. Like it’s like, you know, if you want, you need the resistance because if you were going in a car and you needed to stop at a light and be safe, you’d think to put the brakes on.

So why would you put resistance in the way of something that you want? It doesn’t make any sense. Not consciously. It doesn’t make any sense. Now the problem is if you were operating from your conscious mind, you would never do that. But since we only operate 5% of the time from the conscious mind, it says 95% of the time it’s going to do whatever the hell the program was.

Whether you believe it or not, it’s not you anymore. You are now playing the program. Most of those programs are disempowering and self sabotaging. So what would you expect from a life with those programs that most people got the answers? [00:38:00] Oh my God hard. Expect the worst. Yeah, it’s coming. Who am I? Nobody.

It’s just going to be garbage. And I go, you’re a creator, man. You’re a creator, but you don’t know that knowledge is power. A lack of knowledge is a lack of power. If you don’t know you’re the creator, then you can only rest on the fact that I am apparently. Of the world. That’s treating me not as nice as I would like.

And that’s where all of this, I said, well, that’s a lack of knowledge right there, because you didn’t realize that you were involved with that from the first instant on your own behavior. That’s the hardest part, because then people would get upset and they go, you mean, I’m creating all this. I go actually 100% naked and then they go back in their life and they go, oh, did I create that problem back there?

It was the cancer is my problem. And of course the first thing mine is going to go, no, I don’t want to own that. I do. [00:39:00] It’s not me. I wouldn’t have given myself 10, sir. Well, here’s the problem. The problem is. It was going to say about why you didn’t see it is because the story of bill that you were making, these behaviors that you got from other people sabotage you, because your conscious mind didn’t filter the behaviors.

Whatever came in raw behavior. When you’re coming from the conscious it’s raw behavior on the way out, people, men look at their life. As I said, and they go, they don’t want to own that responsibility. And I go, let me fix that right now. And it’s based on this. Let’s put some words out there. Guilt, shame, blame.

I I’m ashamed of my concert cause I, I wouldn’t have done that. I’m not guilty of that. And I go, let me fix it right now. Those words, blame, guilt, shame. All these they’re big. On a person having knowledge of something. And [00:40:00] with, in spite of that knowledge, doing something counterproductive. And I said, then I’m going to have to blame you.

You knew there was a right way. You chose the wrong way, but most people don’t know there was right way. So whatever behavior that showed up, they were completely unaware of their own participation because they had no idea. Nobody gave them that awareness. How can I blame you? I, a simple story is, uh, I drive, I had been driving standard shift car and I was saying, Hey, Jackie, take my car, go downtown, come back.

And you say, Bruce, I don’t really drive standards of going and saying that’s okay. Just get in the car and go. And then down the street you’re going. And then you call me a half hour later. You’re down. Oh, the tow truck is here.

You think I have a right to say, God damn it, Jackie, you destroyed my car. You do not drive it. I didn’t tell you how to drive it. I just said [00:41:00] go. And the problem is this what happened in the past? If you did not have any knowledge of your involvement, which is almost everybody has no knowledge, then the things that happen at best.

I can’t blame that on you. Why no one gave you the knowledge? You know, you you’re guilty. I say only guilty is if you had knowledge and with that knowledge decided to do something that wasn’t right. And I’m so honored, Jackie, that you were doing this work because it’s a waking up of people to give them their power back.

Because with knowledge, they can use that knowledge to create the wishes and desires if they didn’t even have any knowledge that there were two minds that were independent or working in different directions, how would they know. Absolutely. And I think a great, um, example of a few things that you just said is Anita Madani story.

And you can recount that in your, a phenomenal book, the biology of belief, [00:42:00] uh, Nita. Oh my God. I love Anita. Uh, someone said you should read this book dying to be me by more than money. I started reading this book and all of a sudden it was familiar, was a page Turner man, read and read and read. And I go, oh my God, she is the poster child.

For biology of belief. I like what you mean? She had cancer, not recent four years with an oncologist working with her for four years on her cancer. It turns out it’s essentially the last day of her life. Her system has shut down. She’s on life support system. Okay. She’s so amazing. Created that lumps of cancer sticking out through her skin.

You could see the cancer. Okay. Uh, she goes into a comma and her oncologist having worked with course patients forever and ever recognizes that when the patient goes into a coma that signaling the end is near. So the doctor is calling a family [00:43:00] saying, look, she’s, she’s coming to the end right now. You better show up here while she’s in a karma.

She’s out of body. She’s not in her body. Matter of fact, she was watching, she can even observe herself in the bed and she even heard in the school part, the dialogue. Between doctors in another room about her because she was in the field. But in that field, she ultimately went back to meet her father. And the issue about that was an Indian family.

They arranged marriages and she being more westernized. Wasn’t an arranged marriage, but at some point about two days before the marriage said, no, I don’t want this. I’m enjoying my life way. I’m doing it. I don’t want to be married to somebody. I don’t even know. She told her father and mother two days before, I’m not going through with a wedding.

It was like, oh my God, culturally suicide. The whole family will have to tell everybody in the [00:44:00] community that she’s pulling out of the marriage. And it was a shame and all that stuff. And so she took on that shame and she thought she lost her. Father’s love who she was close to. And that was like, oh my God, that was the end.

And when she was out of. She met her father in the afterlife place there somewhere. And she had a conversation with a father and a father said, no, no, you can’t lose my love. What happens on earth? Stays on earth. When you’re out of that. That’s a, that was a game that you were in a play. You were in all of that, but that’s not who you are.

You were an actor in a play when you’re out of that body. And you’re back here with us. We’re all here watching the show and basically resolve the conflict. She held in her whole life of the, uh, of the sadness and all that all around shaming, her family, she lost it. And then comes a time where the usual out of body person gets the, the message.

What do you want to go back? [00:45:00] And of course she saw herself in that bed riding with all, I mean, she’s on her last day of life for God’s sake. She’s like looking at that as like going back to that, but she saw her husband, Danny. Quit his job for two years to take care of her every day at home, take care of her.

And she saw him holding her while she was in the coma. And she said, oh fine. Dan is gonna have a lot of problems. So I’m going to go back. And she goes back in the body, guess what? She comes out of the coma and everybody’s whole she’s out of the coma. And guess what? Her system started working. They had to take the machines off.

Everything started working right away. One of the things she says, I’m hungry because she wasn’t hungry for for days and day. She said, I’m hungry. I want ice cream. I want this. And this, everybody was like, so shocked that she’s back B she’s vibrant, she’s off the machines. Uh, and she’s eating about eight or 10 days later.

There was no sign of [00:46:00] cancer. The doctors are going like it’s still in there. We’re going to find it. And she was saying, there’s no more cancer. It’s gone. They wouldn’t take it. Two weeks later, they finally gave up because there was no more cancer. And I go, what happened? And the answer was this. On the last day of her life, she changed her consciousness.

She changed her belief. And what happened? The cancer started disappear right in front of everybody’s faces. They couldn’t even believe it. Her whole life. Our system came back online. She’s around here today, as healthy as anybody could ever be. When I say one, talk about getting to the end of the line. I mean, she was minutes away from end and she came back and completely reversed and everybody go like the conventional people.

Well, uh, you know, that was a misdiagnosis. She was four years with an oncologist and the cancer lumps are sticking out of her skin. I don’t think that’s a misdiagnosis at all. That was cancer [00:47:00] and consciousness is what created the cancer and the change of consciousness. Is what eliminated the cancer consciousness created everything.

And it’s hard for us to believe it because we always have these conscious wishes and desires and they never show up. And then we said, well, how could consciousness be doing that? None of my things are showing up. And I go, because you’re not operating from that consciousness. You’re operating from the subconscious program you got from other people.

And it just to illustrate the cancer thing. Very simply it says they’ve studied. What happens when a child is adopted into a family where there’s cancer running in the family, it turns out the adopted child will get the same family cancer with the same probability as any of the natural siblings. But your adopted child came from completely different genetic.

It wasn’t the genes that caused the cancer. It was programming that was in disharmony. [00:48:00] It was programming that leads to a feeling of frustration and loss of powerless and anger and all these things. I go, yeah, well, you put that chemistry from all that stuff into the blood, send it to the cells. You’re going to activate a cancer.

There’s no gene that said I will give you cancer. It’s a lifestyle that activates cancer. And it’s the same thing that says, well, I can change that by changing my consciousness. I go, I need them or Johnny poster child. When did she change it? On the last day of her life? And came back, completely healed, no cancer.

Uh it’s it’s incredible. And I will never forget listening to you hearing where we come into this world with old unhealthy beliefs. And I was like, what up? We come into this world with unhealthy base and we can transform them to be productive, healthy beliefs. You’ve got some healthy, but you got a lot of unhealthy.

And I was like, wow. And the [00:49:00] penny dropped. And you know, it’s just been a, such an awakening, I suppose. And I’m so pleased that you do this and that you have such a, a beautiful way of telling stories. I lived this life and, uh, you know, push myself into, you know, like situations, like what the hell am I doing here later to find out.

I was not a victim and other people led me there. I led myself there. Then the first thing you have to have is I am responsible because you say, well, I’m not, I’m responsible for everything. Except for that. I told you there’s no exception whether it’s cancer or a hunting. You’re responsible for either one of those and not as a hard thing for most people, because it’s like it doesn’t compute.

Why would I give myself cancer? I go, you didn’t, it was your program that gave you cancer. So Bruce, what adventure are you embarking on? [00:50:00] Well, I’m watching the world go through an evolutionary crisis upheaval, which is a requirement of what most important is human behavior has causing a destruction of the web of life that we live in nature.

And that we can not survive when nature collapses, because we are part of nature. And so we’re facing an opportunity, a crisis, which is opportunity we’re facing our own extinct. Because if you destroy the environment and we need the environment, w w we’re not separate from the environment, we are an extension of the environment.

If the environment collapses hot. So we, so we’re facing that. And the most important thing is this. We are creating with our programs of behavior that are not supporting us or the world. We have to change it. So I said here, watching the world, go through this evolutionary crisis, not participating from the evolution, the bottom line, where sky sky’s falling.

Now. [00:51:00] Now I already know how it works. I’ve taken myself out of that game. I’ve programmed my life to be totally different than the average person’s life. So I can stand in the middle of this thing, falling apart, going, wow. Sorry for you guys. Cause that thing for not sorry for me, I’m not involved. I’m not involved.

I’m not letting that consciousness redirect my life and fear. Oh, here’s where things get juicy. Bruce explains how stress hormones put the body in fight or flight state and how being in a constant state of stress diminishes our health. When you’re in fear, you release stress hormones into the body. And I go, what the heck do they have to do with this?

And I go, stress hormones prepare you for fight or flight. The proverbial saber tooth tiger is chasing me a threat of stress. And I’m going to run while you’re hell to get away from that tiger. And I go, well, guess what, what are you going to use in fight or flight? Your [00:52:00] tonsils, your thymus, your appendix.

I got no, no arms and legs. I say, so why is it relevant? I said, well, you’ve got to energize them. I said, where’s the energy come from? I said, from the blood preferentially, most of the blood is in the gut. So the gut, yeah. All the organs. Long’s digestive system, kidneys. I said, what are their job maintenance of the body taking care of it, repairing it, cleaning of fixing it and all that I said, yeah, but if a tiger chasing.

Uh, I don’t want to waste the energy, fixing my body because if the tiger catches me, then who gives a damn, I got no body left. Anyway. So the stress hormones, there are three things. Number one, shut down the blood vessels in the gut. As a matter of fact, when you’re afraid and get into fear, you fear, you feel butterflies in the stomach, queasy, queasy, and like, well, what’s the queasy blood vessels shutting.

Well, if the blood vessels shut down in the gut, where do you think the blood is going to go? Now it’s going to go preferentially to the arms and legs. Ah, that’s [00:53:00] where the energy comes from. So I have a choice. Do you want to spend energy taking care of your body? I want to spend energy running away. Go clearly.

I want to run away the hell with maintenance, tiger, cautious, may maintenance, not a big issue. Now, you know, number two, and this is the. The immune system uses a lot of energy. I go, really? I go, yeah. Have you ever been sick? You may not have had the energy to get out of bed because when that system is working, it uses a lot of energy.

So I say, okay. Scenario saber, tooth tigers, Jason, me, I have bacterial infection. Oh, how much of energy should I give to the immune system to fight the infection? Or how much energy should I put the runaway? The, how were the infection? Why the tiger catches you? You don’t got a problem with bacteria anymore.

The tiger has a problem with back. They’re going to just eat you. So I don’t need the immune system. I say, hell no, it uses too much energy. So stress hormones, when they’re released in the body, again, conserve energy by shutting off the immune [00:54:00] system. It’s so effective. That when doctors want to transplant an organ from patient a and the patient B it’s a foreign Oregon in patient B and accordingly the immune system and patient patient reject that transplant it’s foreign.

It doesn’t belong here. So to prevent the immune system from rejecting a transplant, when doctors are going to do a transplant of an organ or tissue, they give the patient stress hormones before the operation. I go. Why? Because it shuts down the immune system and prevents the rejection of the graph. And I go so right away.

So what’s the consequences of stress. I go, well, number one, you shut down the maintenance of the body cleaning, fixing take care. Nope. Number two, you shut down the immune system that opens you up to attack from everything. And I go, that doesn’t make any sense. I go because in history, The only time we use that damn system, [00:55:00] the adrenal system fight or flight was a saber tooth tiger.

I guess it wiser relevancy. If you escaped that tiger 10 minutes or running or whatever you’re doing, you escape. There’s no more fear. So they guess what you go back into taking care of the body, supporting the immune system and everything comes back. But in today’s world, that proverbial tiger is chasing us 24 7 365.

Every day. When my job lasts, will I have money to take care of myself? Can I afford healthcare? Can I afford food? Can I pay for my rent? Am I going to keep my job, lose my job? I said stresses. They don’t end. The system was never designed for chronic stress and it was only designed to run away from that tiger and then recover itself.

So we’ve been running every day. Every day for the years that you’ve been here, you’ve been running and I say, oh, well then there’s a cost. If you interfere with the [00:56:00] immune system, then you’re open yourself to all kinds of diseases, cancer, and every other damn thing like that. You’re not maintaining the body.

Oh, it’s going to start to fall apart, not function. Right. The third one is I always refer to this as an insult to the injury. You already just got, you got the injury from the stress hormones. The insult is this. Remember I told you the blood vessels in the gut squeeze shut when the stress hormones are there because it pushes the blood to the outside arms and legs.

The conscious brain is up here in the front and in the back. This is where the subconscious brain is when you’re in a fight or flight or fear situation thinking conscious thinking too slow. So guess what? Remember I told you the stress hormone, squeeze the blood vessels in the gut. The stress hormone, squeeze the blood vessels in the forebrain, conscious mind, shutting its function down.

I see. So why is it doing it? Because now it’s pushing the blood to the hindbrain where reaction [00:57:00] reflex behavior is very fast. You become less intelligent. Intelligence is up here. Program is back here. You were gave up intelligence to be in fight or flight. I want to go. This is what happens when people are living in fear, they shut down their intelligence and then rely on somebody with a bigger stick.

The one who more you would take care of her.

And it was the government, your friend. I go, absolutely not, man. And the more fear they provoke, the less intelligent the population becomes, the less intelligent the population. The more they give up their power to somebody they perceive are powerful people. And that means you give up your power because you’re living in fear.

Stress hormones did that wasn’t even a choice. It was a chemical that went in there and squeezed the blood vessels and pushed in the back. I said, this is where we are right now. The whole story of COVID is fear-based story. Total fear-based whole thing. Why the virus is not [00:58:00] lethal folks, the virus, 99 point 98% of the people with this virus recover.

No problem. It’s a small percent of the people that have a problem, but they’re broadcasting in the world going to die from the virus that I go at fires. Doesn’t kill people. Yeah. There are people dying. These people that are dying, have a compromised health system. They’re obese 78% of the serious illness.

And COVID obese people. Okay. People with diabetes type two people with stress levels, people with cardiac problems. These are people who are already having what we call co-morbidities, meaning things that are interfering with their vitality before the virus got there, their stress immune system, before the virus even got there, the virus comes in.

You want the immune system to work. It’s not working now. [00:59:00] And I go, so what’s the result. They get sick, they have problems. And I say, so why is that a problem? Because they’re looking at all the people they’re looking at, even five-year-old kids take this vaccine, cause you’re, you didn’t get the vaccine.

You’re the cause of the problem and go bullshit. Excuse me. I had to say, cause I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I go, why is it relevant? It’s not the unvaccinated or having a problem. It’s the people with co-morbidities that have a problem. And if anybody needs to be protected, they should be protected.

They should be taking every thing possible in their life to protect themselves from the outside. Does that mean I have to take protection because they have comorbidity? No, that’s not my job. It’s their health issue. Okay. Now I could support them. They want me to wear the stupid mask. If you know that doesn’t work really well, I’ll wear the stupid mask and psychologically I feel better, but now what they’re interfering my entire life.

Oh, you can’t go into airplane, Bruce. Your didn’t have a vaccine. You can’t go back to New Zealand. [01:00:00] You don’t have a vaccine, even though you’re a permanent resident, you can’t go back. You’re messing with me. I don’t have a problem. In fact, I already had the COVID. I go, why is that relevant? I got a better immune system than any vaccine could ever, ever imagine to be.

I’ve got the best immune system. Why? Because when you let the immune system do its job, it’ll do it better than anybody can manufacture a vaccine. There’s not even a close relationship. And yet fear, fear, fear selling on the fear, causing all the problem. I go Israel, 97% of the population’s already vaccinated and they have a widespread COVID re-infection thing going on there.

And I go, well, who’s the cause of that? Hey, the vaccinated people are contributing as much or more to this whole thing than people who are not vaccinated because people have some idea. I get the vaccine and I’m protected. And I go, that vaccine does not protect you. According to [01:01:00] the instructions. If you read the instructions, it says the vaccine will prevent you from having a serious consequence, but it didn’t say you won’t get the COVID.

It didn’t say you can’t transmit the COVID. Anybody got the vaccine can get COVID and transmit it. But you want to focus on those people, the unvaccinated there, the problem I go, that’s a bunch of BS because the reality is, is that’s not where the problem comes from. The problem comes from people who are not healthy and rather than encouraging people to become healthy, all they want to do is say, get the vaccine and don’t worry about your health.

I go, what do you mean? Don’t worry about your health. Your health is the issue. Why you got the damn problem in the first place. And nobody wants to talk about that. I go look, you’re blaming the wrong people for this. If there’s an issue of morbidity it’s because those that are having a serious issue are on healthy and you don’t want them to get healthy.

You just want them to get a shot. I go that they’ve named him work either. You gave them the shots and they still got the virus. Okay. So the issue is [01:02:00] we’re being manipulated. We’re being controlled. We’re being put into a situation to have polar groups vaccinated versus unvaccinated, more violence, filthy people are causing the problem.

Oh no, you vaccinate. People cost the same problem. So don’t give me that story. I’m an immunology professor for since 2006. I know about the immune system. Guess what? They’re screwing you because a healthy person will not have any problem with this. That’s the bottom line and nobody wants to talk about making them healthy.

They just want to talk about protect them with a vaccine. I go, that’s not new. Even the vaccine tells you it doesn’t stop you from getting COVID, but nobody wants to pay attention to that. I got the vaccine. I’m feeling permeable, impervious to this, does the vaccine. I go get ready. It’s coming to you. I so appreciate your courage because you’re right.

It’s really difficult to talk [01:03:00] about it and express your view in a, in a way, where do we go from here with all of this? Get healthy, get your mind, right? Get your mind, right? Because your mind is creator and you can create health or you can create COVID. You don’t even have to have a virus. You can create cancer without any genes associated with cancer.

You are creator. Well then dammit. We have to be responsible. And the issue is this. I can’t say I’m a creator of all the good stuff, but all the bad stuff. Somebody else read it. No, no, no. You created the good, you created the bad. If you own it, you can do something about it. If you deny it, you are just the ostrich, sticking your head in the ground and saying, if I don’t see it, I’m okay.

I go, no, you’re not. And this is why it’s so important for people to look at their life, check their progress, but looking at what works and what they’re struggling. Okay. And then recognize that you can change all that. And then of course, then there are people like [01:04:00] yourself, Jackie, who offer the opportunity to rapidly change beliefs, to empower people, to take the best step forward, to be the most powerful person they can be in their life.

Create that heaven on earth. And I’ve been doing for 23 years for a guy who couldn’t get a relationship for the first time. Oh, the last 23 has been. I love it. Uh, you as such a doll, very slipped in you are an incredible spirit in the team in existence. I absolutely adore you my own personal hero. I want to really express so much gratitude for coming on to our podcast.

Thank you so much. So glad to be here with you because I have the same attitude about you. You’ve taken the opportunity to recognize we do not have to live this way, that when we understand who we are and how we can rewrite those programs, and we become very powerful creators on this planet. And that’s [01:05:00] why I might talk about it in front of a thousand people, but you’re the kind of person who puts your hands on and deals with these people up front, straight to you.

So I have to really say, well, I might give some philosophical stuff here. You are frontline. Helping directly touching those people on this planet. So thank you, dearest Jackie. Well, I really appreciate you, Bruce. Have an amazing rest of your day. Thank you so much for joining us. You’re a pleasure. Thank you so much for listening to our show.

We are so thankful you are here and we can’t do the show without you. And if you made it to the end of this episode, celebrate yourself because it means you are truly dedicated to feeling better in your health, in your career, in your relationships. And I am so proud of you, and if you want more of the field fit it now.So tune in every Monday and Wednesday for new episodes and you can [01:06:00] subscribe. So you don’t miss out on all the guidance. Any special bonus episodes, you can follow me on social media at Jackie Belka. And if you want a chance to have your question answered or be on a coaching call with me live, you can sign up at feelbetterinstitute.com/signup. Again, that’s feelbetterinstitute.com/signup, signing out. See you next week, Jackie. Bye.

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